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Everyone wants to have MONEY. I’ve never for once heard “NO” anytime I ask people, “do you want to make/have money?” Never! The answer has always been a resounding “YES”. Some even consider it ridiculous to be asked such a question. Who doesn’t want to make/have money? Who doesn’t NEED MONEY? Not necessarily because of MONEY itself but because of what money can BUY. Undoubtedly, money can buy A LOT! We all need money because of what money can get for us; from the basic physiological needs (food, shelter, clothing) to the self-actualisation needs.

Because everyone needs money. It is the one essential, universal commodity that will remain relevant regardless of economy or time.

In summary, YOU, yes YOU reading this. You desire to have money, and have it in abundance. So the question is; how do you achieve this? what do you need to do to make money, and more money? 

DO THIS: Have The Mindset Of A Rich Man

Wealth creation begins from the mind. The richest people believe that “success, fulfilment and happiness are the natural order of existence” (Steve Siebold). There is no way you can make money if you do not believe it is possible. There is a huge difference between how the rich man thinks and how the poor man thinks. A poor man thinks, “I can’t afford it”; a rich man thinks, “how can I afford it?”. Money is for everybody and anyone can be rich. The millionaire status is not for a selected few; unfortunately, it seems so. Because only a few have the right money mindset.

Success, fulfilment and happiness are the natural order of existence.

Steve Siebold

DO THIS: Become Financially Literate

Unfortunately, money is not taught school. Yes, economics, currency, business education etc are taught in school. But, not with the mindset of a rich man. The school system was not built to make people rich. It was built to create employees, who will work for the rich. I’m not saying, “don’t go to school”. But know this, financial education is not taught in school. The habits, mindset, attitudes that you must develop to be rich, are not included in the conventional school curriculum.

So, if you want to make lots of money, be financially literate. All you need to do is find the right teachers, learn from them. Not the conventional school teachers, who “know” everything about economics, but are not rich. I’m talking about teachers who do what they teach. You need REAL FINANCIAL EDUCATORS. is one! WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU MAKE THE KIND OF MONEY YO DESIRE!

You could start your financial education journey HERE.

DO THIS: Develop Money Habits

Making money comes down to developing good money habits. As we all know, “habits are the cause of wealth, poverty, happiness, sadness, stress, good relationships, good health or bad health” (Thomas C. Corley).

The right money habits lead to wealth. The wrong money habits, well, poverty. Know more about habits here.

habits are the cause of wealth, poverty, happiness, sadness, stress, good relationships, good health or bad health

Thomas C. Corley

DO THIS: Use Your Skill

What better way to make money than to use that which you have already. Use your skill. You do not have to be a Jack of all trades to become a millionaire but you have to be a master of many. Develop money-making skills.  There are so many platforms that allow individuals especially young people, to make money using their skills. There is Fiverr for writers,  YouTube for content creators and so many more.

DO THIS: Invest

This article would not be complete without this point. Investing is the surest way to make money “easily”. Thankfully, our digital world has made investing so much easier. You cannot escape spending money on liabilities, so you need to be smart about your money. For instance, if you purchase a car, you should also have an investment portfolio that provides passive income to cover car maintenance. And do not just invest in one venture, have multiple investment portfolios. Create multiple streams of income. Invest like the rich do.

DO THIS: Set Specific Money Goals

Setting goals has a way of creating a sense of responsibility. You do not become a millionaire in a day. It is a process; a journey of one checkpoint to the next. Setting specific money goals will help you make money because it gives a clear picture of where you are headed. And the sense of fulfilment that comes from meeting those set goals, is the perfect motivator to move on to the next. It helps you keep track of growth and keeps you hungry for more. 

DO THIS: Use The Shared Economy

The shared economy firms are technology-enabled platforms that provide users with temporary access to resources that may be crowdsourced. The shared economy began in 2010 and is currently worth $50 billion and will grow exponentially by 2030. Examples of the shared economy business model are Uber, Lyft, RTR, AirBnB etc. The shared economy is one of the most profitable businesses right now in the world mostly because of its digital nature. One of the perks of this economy is that it grants temporary access to resources that are not yours. So you don’t have to purchase those resources but you can use them and make a ton of profit. Besides investing and commercializing your skill, the shared economy is one of the best ways to make money today.

DO THIS: Be Friends With Successful People

There is an old saying, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who are.” The importance of relationships can not be overemphasized. Rich people are friends with rich people. So if you want to make money, be friends with people who already do that. Whether they are business owners or high earners or investors, be friends with them. Building a community of wealthy people leads to wealth itself. If the people around you are not money conscious, you can not make money. Directly or indirectly, your friends influence your finances.

Desire alone can not bring money to your pocket. You have to DO! TAKE ACTION! Another point to note is to never be comfortable with your money status. Be hungry for more and with the right goals, right knowledge and right people around you, you can make money fast and easy.

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