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Imagine you were told to run up the stairs of a 200 storeys building. Would you? Now, imagine you were offered 10,000 naira to do so. Would you? Remember, the building is 200 storeys high and you must get to the top through the stairs. 

Now, imagine the offer was increased to NGN 100,000. Would you? What about NGN 1,000,000, I billion?


How much will be enough to drive you to run up a staircase of a 200 storeys building? Really, ask yourself. How much will be enough for you to put off your shirt, and run eagerly to the top? HOW MUCH? 

In case you are wondering how high a 200 storeys building is, see the picture below (less than 100 storeys skyscrapers).

Photo by Alejandro Luengo on Unsplash

Maybe no amount of money will be enough for you (in which, that is not true, it is a matter of how much). However, you might even want to say that “lai lai”(never) I can not do that kind of thing for FREE ooo, ‘over my dead body, I cannot comman kill myself’.

Now, hear this;

The building is on fire, and the building is about to collapse. The firefighters are still far away. And if you are lucky to be in Nigeria, the firefighters might not even come at all or worst, they’ll arrive only to tell you they cannot go to the building top, or even tell you that there is no water. You know how the thing dey be nah. In summary, you are on your own here.

The elevator system has stopped working, and your daughter, your dear newborn daughter, and your first child after 10 years of marriage (waiting for a baby), is on the topmost floor with her nanny or your spouse. Would you run up the stairs just to save your daughter? I believe you are already shifting (feeling uncomfortable) wherever you are standing or sitting while reading this. You have to be either wicked, highly nonchalant, or super-selfish to ignore your daughter in that building and wait for the firefighters. You would rather die just to save your precious daughter. Parents can relate to this very well. If you are not a parent yet, you can do a test, by painting this scenario to an African parent, observe his/her reaction. Before you say, “God forbid, it won’t happen… I reject it in the name of any god you believe...” Read on first. I want to show you something.

For some, they would do so when offered NGN 100,000, some will never be triggered to do so until the incentive is higher than 1 million; many in Nigeria will even thank you for offering them “free money” of NGN 10,000 to do so (many are very desperate to make money).

Whereas, every ‘normal’ human will do so for “FREE”, just to save their newborn baby.


In the scenario above, I have simply shown you, in a simplified manner, the concept of motivation.

Motivation is, simply put, the motive/reason that fuels your desire to take any action.

Another definition is that motivation is what drives you to act. Your DRIVE to DO!

Let us take this further. Think about everything you have done in life, from waking up early in the morning to brushing your teeth, to dressing to school/work, to learning how to drive or learning a new skill, to doing professional courses, to making your hair, or going to the barbing salon, or to the market, etc.

Look deeper into those actions. Did you observe, that for every one of those actions, you had a motive/reason for doing them? There was a reason why you took the action, either you were aware (conscious about it) or not. There is something to gain, something at stake or something not to lose.

You brush your teeth daily, to prevent mouth odour, tooth decay etc.

You have your bath daily to prevent body odour, or to look neat, shiny, handsome/beautiful, to keep off germs, to nourish your skin, etc.

You wake up early, maybe because you have to go to work, or go to the toilet, or cook for your family etc.

You should get my point by now.

Every action has an underlying TRIGGER! That is the MOTIVE – what you stand to gain or prevention of a loss. This can be due to fear of the unknown, just as in brushing your teeth or in taking your bath. That is the motive or reason. We all have motivation. The question is; how well can you channel enough motivation towards your success, especially your financial freedom?

Sometimes I wonder why many are not hardworking nor are they committed to their success. For instance, many in our environment are very poor and will most likely die poor.

Amongst many other reasons, a major and undeniable reason is that they are not motivated to success or to financial freedom or they CHOSE not to be.

Whether to do harm or good, motivation is vital. Something must TRIGGER your action; something, someone, some idea, belief (either true or false), myth, superstition or event must PUSH you, DRIVE you, INSPIRE you, PUMP YOUR BLOOD – To take that action.

That is motivation. You can now see that motivation is everything. As HUMANS, we need motivation. By now, you should start forgiving your resentments (if you have any)  for motivational speakers. Because, they are helping you (although, some of them take it to the extreme). The fact remains, however, that you need motivation, either from self, something, or from others if you must succeed in life.

The HIGHER your motivation, the MORE CERTAIN will your success be.

Dear reader, get motivation, find motivation, stay motivated, choose to be motivated and keep at it.

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