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We function best in areas that we are skilled at. It takes a “foundation of working knowledge” to maximize potential. So knowledge is strength, even in wealth creation. Do you KNOW MONEY?

Money isn’t a subject taught in school but it is an essential part of our lives. Be ignorant about money at your own peril – poverty! If you want to command lots of money to your purse on a daily, you need to have the proper knowledge about MONEY. What is money? How does it behave?

Below are a few key things about money that you should know.

1. Money Is Not Evil!

Isn’t it though? Of course not! Money is in no way evil. Just think about it for one minute. What is money and what makes it evil? Well, money is “a commodity accepted by general consent as a medium of economic exchange” (Brittanica.com). So does that sound evil to you? I bet it doesn’t. I see people shy away from money talks because they believe “money is evil.” Well, such beliefs would only hold you down, make you poor.

First things first; know that MONEY is NOT EVIL. 

2. Money Does Not Change People

Some people believe that because money is evil, it would make them evil. Now that you know that money is not evil, you should also know that money does not change people. It practically amplifies who you already are because money affords you expression. Money empowers you to express YOU; in your dressing, friends you keep, how you talk, etc. Just like giving a gun to someone with the intention to kill. If you want to do bad, Money won’t make you good. Rather, it will amplify that “badness” in you. And vice versa.

3. Money  Does Not Discriminate

Money doesn’t dictate who their owners must be. Also, money is not restricted to race or gender or social background. Money is for everyone. It is used by everyone and can be owned by anyone.

You are not broke because money hates/despises you. No! It’s simply because you have not been attracting enough of it to yourself. That is what you should focus on.

Money is for everyone and anyone, provided they are ready to accrue it to themselves. Money does not care if you are corrupt, wicked, a killer, ritualist or terrorist. IT DOESN’T CARE!

There are rules of MONEY! Know them and obey them. You will have more than enough!

4. Money Is Not Free

You know this already. MONEY IS NOT FREE.

It comes at a cost. Money is owned by those who can pay for it. The higher you are willing to pay, the more money you would have. An employee pays his time, energy, knowledge to his employer; and receives money as wages/salary. You have to trade something for money.

5. Money Understands Respect

Do you know that “people who don’t respect money, don’t have any”? Yes, because money understands respect. If you respect money, it will respect you. Remember that saying “respect is reciprocal”? This ap[plies to Money too. Respect Money and it will respect you in return.


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Respect, to mean, respect the principles of money.

6. Money Is Attracted By Value

Money is a means of value exchange. It flows from a position of lower value to a position of higher value. Also, Money flows from those who value it less, towards those who value it more. Do you want to have more money? Create value, and money will flow to you.

The more value you create, the more money you would attract to yourself.

Bill Gates created Microsoft. Mark Created Facebook. Dangote produces cement, sugar, flour, salt, and now a refinery. Jeff created Amazon. What is common among these guys? They have LOTS OF MONEY!

7. Money And Happiness Are Mutually Exclusive

You can be happy and be poor. You can be rich and be happy too. There are poor unhappy people, rich unhappy people, as well as, poor happy people and rich happy people.

Money and Happiness are independent of each other.

All things being equal, however, a rich man is happier than a poor man. Money brings happiness, but money alone cannot bring all the happiness you need. Moreso, money allows you to afford and have time for the things that bring happiness in life; family, doing the things you love etc.

8. Money Will Always Be Relevant

It doesn’t matter how you feel about money right now. Money will always be relevant. Money will always be an important topic to discuss and an essential part of our lives. Whether it is represented with Fiat (paper) currency, digital currency, gold or silver. It will always be relevant.

In conclusion; remember to “focus on learning the true value of money and how to be responsible for your own” -Matthew Walker.


Matthew Walker

Until you learn, you will not understand.

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