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Google Chrome Web Browser

The Chrome Browser

Chrome browser is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows. It was later ported to Linux, macOS, ios and android. At first, Google CEO Eric Schmidt opposed its development but after co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, hired web developers that built a chrome browser model, he became convinced. At first, chrome’s story is not that of success. However, with subsequent developments, it has become one of the most commonly used, trusted and fastest browsers.

Chrome browser permits users to harmonize their bookmarks, history and settings across devices by transferring and collecting data with a chosen Google account. This sequentially updates all signed-in instances of Chrome. Google chrome offers some mind-blowing features such as; built-in ad featuring system, password management, incognito mode, user tracking concern, voice recognition, speed, stability etc. At inception, the Chrome browser was just like other ordinary browsers. However, several progressive steps shot them from mediocre to quality. If you have the intention of making more money, this article should interest you. Why? Because I want to share a few lessons the chrome browser is trying to teach you about money.

My Money Lessons

Foremost, a money habit that every service provider should adopt is the habit of Knowing. What does this imply? It implies that every service provider who wants to make more money should know their customers. To know them is to know basic details such as their names.., and also private issues like their interest, hobbies etc. It is noteworthy that at first, Chrome was just like any other browser that people visited in order to access websites after which they left immediately. But after a while, Chrome made some interesting changes. One of such was the need for its users to be signed in with their Google account. Impressive!

My Customers, My Friends

Consequently, Knowing afforded Chrome the opportunity to get substantial information on their users. Chrome extended a hand of “friendship” to its users by trying to know them. So like the chrome browser, business owners should present efforts to know their clients or those who are at the receiving end of the kind of services they offer. The more you know them, the better because knowing them will help you present choices that suit their needs. 

Speaking about presenting choices that suite needs, Chrome keeps your browsing history. It suggests pages that you have visited and pages you might also be interested in visiting. Knowing your customers will help you keep tracks of their interest. This is another lesson from Chrome. It keeps track of users’ interest even without bookmarking. What does keeping track do? It promotes a sense of noticeability in your customers’ mind. The result of this is an improvement in the customer’s satisfaction level and also an increase in the reliability of your business. Consequently, you will experience an increase in revenue because they (customers) will possess a mental feeling of positivity and comfort towards your business. If you know your customers, prove it to them that you do by presenting several choices of their interests so that they’d be able to make informed decisions. This is the lesson of Tracking.

The Chrome Business and my Business

With different sites creating their own password pattern system, remembering your numerous passwords can be a difficult thing to do. Hence, the comfort of having a password management system. Also, consider the voice recognition option where you can speak to your Chrome browser instead of typing.  Do you see how Chrome is making using the browser comfortable? The last money lesson to consider from the google chrome browser is the lesson of Comfort Creation. Chrome has several features that are aimed at making life easier for its users. See the examples given at the beginning of this paragraph; don’t they strike you as “life made easier”? 

Ask yourself this question: What kind of service am I offering and what am I doing in order to create comfort for my users/clients/customers? There is profitability in providing comfort. You want to make more money and avoid losing money? Create comfort! For instance, if you own a cake and confectionery shop where you bake all sizes and flavours of cake, adding the delivery option to your package for a reasonable amount will save your customers the stress of having to pick up their purchased products. Thus, adding to your own income. So as business owners with the intent of making wealth, pay attention to the comfort of your buyers.

Conclusively, if one must make wealth, one must learn how to make it. Like the Chrome browser teaches, constant developmental steps will lead to great increase if effectively executed. Promote your business, watch out for your customers. Because, without them, money cannot be made. They are at the receiving end of the service(s) you offer; learn several ways to satisfy their numerous wants. 

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