The 5 Pillars Of Poverty That You Must Break To Be Rich!

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If you’ve ever asked yourself why the RICH are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; Read this!

A poor person is said to be poor when s/he does not have the financial means and necessities for a minimum standard of living. If your income level is so low that basic human needs cannot be met, the best way to classify you is that you’re poor. 

Slow down a bit… This article isn’t to make you feel less of yourself but to make you mentally equipped.  There’s a common saying that, ‘a problem known is a problem half solved’; this is true. Most mathematics gurus are not gurus because they can solve all mathematics problems but because they know that understanding a mathematical problem is significant in finding solutions to the problems. 

Bottom line is that you cannot solve what you don’t understand… 

Understanding the pillars of Poverty, will give you insight into why you are probably still poor. As a result, find your way out of poverty. 

In this article, I shared the 5 Pillars of Poverty. When you know them, you can easily identify and destroy them in your life, hence, change your status to being RICH! 


Poverty is not just a state of being. It has more to do with the state of your mind. You are poor because you choose to be poor, not necessarily because you have a poor background or because you hail from the poorest country, city, or state.  

What are your thoughts about money? If you still say ‘money is the root of all evil’, you will probably still be poor because you think it’s evil to be rich.

How do you perceive people who are rich? If you still think the rich can’t make heaven, you may still remain poor because such a mind-set will murder the slightest desire you have of becoming rich.

If you are sceptical about taking risks and going out of your comfort zone or you just want to sit at home and expect life to happen to you; you may likely die poor. 

Being rich starts from the mind. Break the pillar of poverty mindset. And you will surely be rich. Step out of your comfort zone and fill your mind with the same stuff the rich fills their minds with. 

If you can think ‘wealth’, you’ll become wealthy; if you think ‘poverty’; you’ll remain poor. That’s just how it works. As a man thinketh, so is he! 


The second pillar of poverty is a poor network.

Who are the people you communicate with? Whose life do you feed on? Who do you listen to? Who do you hang out with? 

Your network determines your net worth. If something isn’t working right in your life, check your network; if you are in the midst of 3 friends who are poor, the 4th poor person is you. If you hang out with 3 friends who have a rich mindset, you are the 4th with a rich mindset. Because their influence will rub on you. Your association eventually becomes you. 

Improve on your network. Connect with the rich, or at the least, people on their way to financial freedom. Stop hanging out with poor people (i.e. those with a Poor mindset).


Most poor people are poor because they never see opportunities in problems. The reason why there are more than a million problems in the world is that there are millions of people built with the ability to solve these problems and go further to monetizing their abilities. This is the secret the rich thrive with… They go in search of problems that they can proffer solutions to, but the poor have a poor attitude towards problems. They constantly run away from problems. 

If you will not remain poor, you have to go in search of problems and deliver solutions. 


The kind of “financial education” most people have is; ‘go to school’, ‘get a white-collar job’, ‘work hard’, ‘earn a salary’ etc. In other words, what they have is financial illiteracy! While going to school is good; unfortunately, schools don’t teach financial education

Schools don’t teach how to make, manage and control money. It is no surprise that so many school graduates, academic scholars and professors are poor. Don’t blame them, the school system was not built to teach people how to be rich. 

If this is your case, there is always time to learn and change your life. START YOUR JOURNEY HERE!


In the Book Midas Touch, by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump… The Authors described F. O. C. U. S. as Follow One Course Until Successful. This implies that you should learn how to divert all your energy to creating sustainable wealth, through the acquisition of sustainable assets that will generate passive income for you for life. That is how to be financially free.

A lot of people are still poor because they have split focus. 

They are not ready for financial freedom. They are distracted by misinformation about making money.

They want to be rich, but are not ready to put in the needed requirements. 

Now that you know these pillars, uproot them today from your life… And take the bold step on YOUR journey to financial freedom. 


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