There are 2,095 Billionaires in The World and Tech Founders Dominate the  Top 10


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There are 2,095 Billionaires in The World and Tech Founders Dominate the  Top 10

If you’re one of those who know the importance of a RICH network to attain financial freedom, and also probably asking; “how do I build a rich network?” or in other words, “how do I change my network from Poor to Rich?”, this article is for you.

The journey of financial freedom begins with knowledge. You must know everything about money; its principles and its relevance. You must be clear about your financial goals and you must keep on learning. But knowing is the first step, the next step is being. Who do you need to become to achieve your goals? Then you must have. What do you need to have to achieve financial freedom?

There is a list of things you need to have; the list varies from person to person. However, one very necessary thing is common and surely stands out – network. You must have a rich network. Your network is an integral part of wealth creation. Without a good network of rich people, you might keep walking around in circles.

The Genesis

Insight is a treasure you can’t do without. All great men have insight. Most importantly, they know how to use their insight. Now, insight determines how well you know yourself. Without insight, you can hardly look into yourself and discover your true identity. Rich men vary in character, attitude, interests and many other things, but I have not found a rich man, who has not passed the journey of self-discovery. Because if you don’t know yourself, you cannot possibly know HOW YOU FIT IN! Everyone has a purpose, a place, a vacuum they are meant to fill; if you don’t know what that is for you, you can’t be successful.

In case you’re wondering, “how does this apply to having a rich network?” IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT! Yeah.

Networking means connecting/interacting with a set of people with whom you share common interests. Networking with rich people means, you have rich people as friends, colleagues, partners, mentors and even mentees.

How do you fit in with THE RICH? HOW?

The most suitable answer to this question will only surface after you’ve DISCOVERED YOUR SELF. What’s your purpose? Why are you here? What VALUE can you offer to the world? How can you SERVE the world? What IMPACT are you made to create in society? What are you bringing to the table?


This is the first and most important step to take on your journey to greatness.


Are you VALUABLE? In other words, are you a PERSON OF VALUE? Ask yourself. What problem(s) can you SOLVE? Value is one thing that will always be in demand. No rich person would want to associate with an EMPTY individual – one who has nothing to offer. Everyone loves things of value and people of value. What do you have to offer? What SKILL(S) do you HAVE? If you are a value provider, networking would not only be easy for you but it would be highly beneficial.

Imagine you meet Aliko Dangote in a conference and you are privileged to talk to him, what would you say? What would you tell him or offer him that would make him invite you to his house for lunch/dinner, or better still will make him impressed, interested in you, recommend you to his circle of friends (e.g. Bill Gates), or give you millions of naira/dollars??? How can you communicate value in a 1-minute, 3-minute, or five-minute conversation? Believe it or not, rich men don’t have time for NON-Sense(NO-Value). That is why it is hard to climb the ladder for those who lack value.

If you want a seat at the table of the RICH. OFFER LOTS OF VALUE/SERVICES. Remember I talked about “being”. You must be a value provider. Value attracts everyone. Value isn’t just money: it can be your expertise, your moral support, your intellectual resource, and so on.

This brings us to the need for you to invest in capacity building and personal development.

Have And Use A Common Ground

Churches, mosques, clubs, schools, student bodies, alumni bodies, associations; these are all common grounds you can use to change your network. Networking starts with communication. It is “the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting. Networking often begins with a single point of common ground” ( If it is one thing poor people are guilty of, it is the underestimation and misuse of social gatherings. If you don’t meet them outside, where else? So if you do not have a common ground, find one. For example, if you are into real estate, look for a real estate investment association. Join the clubs that rich people join if you can. Common grounds provide you with a link to these people; it is up to you to use it. 

Understand Timing And Opportunities

You can not relate to everybody the same way. It takes emotional intelligence to know what to say to certain people. It takes emotional intelligence to create opportunities and to use time wisely. Emotional intelligence is a skill that you must have. It would help you with everything: how you talk, how you react, how you act and when to act. Time is a critical tool that benefits those who know how to use it. Master time and you can create opportunities. You must be sensitive to see opportunities when they arise and you must be ready to take them. How you dress, how you express yourself, in fact, your whole physical appearance must be deliberate as it can be useful in helping create opportunities. Remember that the way opportunities come is through conversation. The act of socializing is the tool used in networking. The bottom line is don’t just wait for opportunities, create time and use the time to your advantage. Be prepared at all times to turn every situation to your advantage.

Have Confidence

 Confidence is not pride, neither is it outspokenness. Confidence is trust in abilities – your abilities. It is knowing your worth and to trust your judgements. Confidence is a result of how much work you have put in yourself and how much value you are able to give. It is not something that can be given to you, it is something that is built by virtue of the depth of value in you. Confidence is key! You don’t want to stutter when trying to network. Confidence is a level of preparedness that you need. It is something you must always have with everyone. 

Value + Confidence= Rich People Interested In You = A Rich Network

Leverage on Your Family Relationships 

By this I mean, using family relationships or friendship relationships well. Your family and friends are your first circle of network. Don’t underestimate or misuse them. Professionalism when doing business with family or friends gives you respect and it builds integrity. Relate with your rich aunt or rich uncle or rich friend like you are relating to someone you have never met. It shows you are serious with your business. No one likes dependence. Stop asking for money for everything and start selling value to your family and friends. It would make them connect you with their own network. 

The Journey Continues…

Building a rich network or changing your network is not difficult; it is something you choose to go out and do. It is a deliberate action. If you want to be financially free, you need to have a network of people who support you, advise you, people who are invested in you. These people are your route to financial freedom. 

You also need to be a good network for people. You need to provide value and support to others. You need to be invested in other people’s success. You must be a source of benefits for you to receive benefits. Networking works when everyone gives and everyone receives. Changing your network starts from changing (building) yourself, which can only happen after self-discovery. Again who do you have to be? What do you have to do? What do you need to have? Even if you are not rich in money right now, you must be rich in value to have a network of rich people.