There are 2,095 Billionaires in The World and Tech Founders Dominate the  Top 10


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There are 2,095 Billionaires in The World and Tech Founders Dominate the  Top 10

If you’re one of those who know the importance of a RICH network to attain financial freedom, and also probably asking; “how do I build a rich network?” or in other words, “how do I change my network from Poor to Rich?”, this article is for you.

The journey of financial freedom begins with knowledge. You must know everything about money; its principles and its relevance. You must be clear about your financial goals and you must keep on learning. But knowing is the first step, the next step is being. Who do you need to become to achieve your goals? Then you must have. What do you need to have to achieve financial freedom?

There is a list of things you need to have; the list varies from person to person. However, one very necessary thing is common and surely stands out – network. You must have a rich network. Your network is an integral part of wealth creation. Without a good network of rich people, you might keep walking around in circles.

The Genesis

Insight is a treasure you can’t do without. All great men have insight. Most importantly, they know how to use their insight. Now, insight determines how well you know yourself. Without insight, you can hardly look into yourself and discover your true identity. Rich men vary in character, attitude, interests and many other things, but I have not found a rich man, who has not passed the journey of self-discovery. Because if you don’t know yourself, you cannot possibly know HOW YOU FIT IN! Everyone has a purpose, a place, a vacuum they are meant to fill; if you don’t know what that is for you, you can’t be successful.

In case you’re wondering, “how does this apply to having a rich network?” IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT! Yeah.

Networking means connecting/interacting with a set of people with whom you share common interests. Networking with rich people means, you have rich people as friends, colleagues, partners, mentors and even mentees.

How do you fit in with THE RICH? HOW?

The most suitable answer to this question will only surface after you’ve DISCOVERED YOUR SELF. What’s your purpose? Why are you here? What VALUE can you offer to the world? How can you SERVE the world? What IMPACT are you made to create in society? What are you bringing to the table?


This is the first and most important step to take on your journey to greatness.


Are you VALUABLE? In other words, are you a PERSON OF VALUE? Ask yourself. What problem(s) can you SOLVE? Value is one thing that will always be in demand. No rich person would want to associate with an EMPTY individual – one who has nothing to offer. Everyone loves things of value and people of value. What do you have to offer? What SKILL(S) do you HAVE? If you are a value provider, networking would not only be easy for you but it would be highly beneficial.

Imagine you meet Aliko Dangote in a conference and you are privileged to talk to him, what would you say? What would you tell him or offer him that would make him invite you to his house for lunch/dinner, or better still will make him impressed, interested in you, recommend you to his circle of friends (e.g. Bill Gates), or give you millions of naira/dollars??? How can you communicate value in a 1-minute, 3-minute, or five-minute conversation? Believe it or not, rich men don’t have time for NON-Sense(NO-Value). That is why it is hard to climb the ladder for those who lack value.

If you want a seat at the table of the RICH. OFFER LOTS OF VALUE/SERVICES. Remember I talked about “being”. You must be a value provider. Value attracts everyone. Value isn’t just money: it can be your expertise, your moral support, your intellectual resource, and so on.

This brings us to the need for you to invest in capacity building and personal development.

Have And Use A Common Ground

Churches, mosques, clubs, schools, student bodies, alumni bodies, associations; these are all common grounds you can use to change your network. Networking starts with communication. It is “the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting. Networking often begins with a single point of common ground” ( If it is one thing poor people are guilty of, it is the underestimation and misuse of social gatherings. If you don’t meet them outside, where else? So if you do not have a common ground, find one. For example, if you are into real estate, look for a real estate investment association. Join the clubs that rich people join if you can. Common grounds provide you with a link to these people; it is up to you to use it. 

Understand Timing And Opportunities

You can not relate to everybody the same way. It takes emotional intelligence to know what to say to certain people. It takes emotional intelligence to create opportunities and to use time wisely. Emotional intelligence is a skill that you must have. It would help you with everything: how you talk, how you react, how you act and when to act. Time is a critical tool that benefits those who know how to use it. Master time and you can create opportunities. You must be sensitive to see opportunities when they arise and you must be ready to take them. How you dress, how you express yourself, in fact, your whole physical appearance must be deliberate as it can be useful in helping create opportunities. Remember that the way opportunities come is through conversation. The act of socializing is the tool used in networking. The bottom line is don’t just wait for opportunities, create time and use the time to your advantage. Be prepared at all times to turn every situation to your advantage.

Have Confidence

 Confidence is not pride, neither is it outspokenness. Confidence is trust in abilities – your abilities. It is knowing your worth and to trust your judgements. Confidence is a result of how much work you have put in yourself and how much value you are able to give. It is not something that can be given to you, it is something that is built by virtue of the depth of value in you. Confidence is key! You don’t want to stutter when trying to network. Confidence is a level of preparedness that you need. It is something you must always have with everyone. 

Value + Confidence= Rich People Interested In You = A Rich Network

Leverage on Your Family Relationships 

By this I mean, using family relationships or friendship relationships well. Your family and friends are your first circle of network. Don’t underestimate or misuse them. Professionalism when doing business with family or friends gives you respect and it builds integrity. Relate with your rich aunt or rich uncle or rich friend like you are relating to someone you have never met. It shows you are serious with your business. No one likes dependence. Stop asking for money for everything and start selling value to your family and friends. It would make them connect you with their own network. 

The Journey Continues…

Building a rich network or changing your network is not difficult; it is something you choose to go out and do. It is a deliberate action. If you want to be financially free, you need to have a network of people who support you, advise you, people who are invested in you. These people are your route to financial freedom. 

You also need to be a good network for people. You need to provide value and support to others. You need to be invested in other people’s success. You must be a source of benefits for you to receive benefits. Networking works when everyone gives and everyone receives. Changing your network starts from changing (building) yourself, which can only happen after self-discovery. Again who do you have to be? What do you have to do? What do you need to have? Even if you are not rich in money right now, you must be rich in value to have a network of rich people. 

businessman use pliers to cut the chain and free himself from debt metal ball. Financial freedom concept.


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businessman use pliers to cut the chain and free himself from debt metal ball. Financial freedom concept.


Bad debts are like quicksand – if you don’t do something about it, you would sink in deeper. And if you make the wrong move, you would still sink in. For many businesses and individuals, bad debt is an ever-present threat. It is an economic nightmare in fact. No one likes to be in debt and you wouldn’t be reading this if you do.

Pencil Eraser Erasing Debt Word Close-up Of Pencil Eraser Erasing Debt Word On White Paper Debt Stock Photo
Bad Debts

Alas! Hating bad debts doesn’t save you from it. Interestingly, one debt always leads to another and then to another, so it’s important that you learn HOW to save yourself from endless bad debts.

Before it’s too late.

HATING bad debts DOESN’T SAVE you from it.


Not all debts are bad, so you need to know what exactly bad debts are. There are god debts also. Yeah. Debts that you MUST have because they are SUPER GOOD!

Robert Kiyosaki, Bestselling author, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, defines Good debts as debts accrued to purchase assets (whatever brings in more money into your pocket) while Bad debts are debts accrued to purchase LIABILITIES (whatever takes money out of your pocket) and DOODADS (they look like assets but are not assets; e.g. your car, your house).

Now that you know what BAD DEBTS are, let me guide you through how to save yourself from ENDLESS BAD DEBTS.

1. Identify Patterns

There is hardly anything like “a coincidence” when it comes to money and its management. Bad debt is a resultant effect of an error in money management. The first step in saving yourself from endless bad debts is to identify all your money patterns. What do you do first when the paycheck comes? How did you get to this point? What do you spend more money on? “When I owed this money, what did I use it for… when did I pay it”?

Humans are creatures of habit and debt is a habitual action. Remember I said one debt always leads to another. Sit down and analyze your money patterns and habits. Knowing the cause of the problem is the first step to solving it.

2. Keep Track Of Expenditure

Now that you know just how much debt you are in or how bad your money management is, the next step is to record. Keep track of expenditure. Everybody in bad debt has one thing in common, they don’t keep track of their expenditure. Impulse purchases lead to bad debt. If you do not have your expenditure in control, you will always have to deal with bad debts. Record absolutely everything.

3. Categorize And Prioritize Spending

In addition to keeping track of expenditure, you need to always categorize and prioritize your spending. A great way to start is by budgeting based on priority. Settling bills should always come before shopping and needs should be prioritized over wants. That way, you do not run out of the basics and you can save yourself from debts.

4. Make More Money

 If you want to live a debt-free life, then make more money. Who doesn’t want luxury? We all do. It’s annoying and frustrating to have to save up before we can purchase a need/want. Downsizing your expenditure is no fun but it should be done when the need arises but ask yourself, “for how long would you keep downsizing?” So make more money. If you have been thinking that saving would be enough, then think again. With multiple streams of income, bad debts can be avoided altogether.

5. Employ The Three Piggy Bank Rule

Robert Kiyosaki explains this in his book The Beginner’s Guide To Personal Finance. Technically, the three piggy bank rule has to do with paying yourself first, at least 30% of your income before you pay others.

  1. Savings account (10% of your income): Have general savings account for future emergencies
  2. Investing account (10%): a personalized account for investments
  3. Charity/ Tithing account (10%): Give towards a charity or religious course that you believe in.

6. Control Your Emotions

“If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money”

Warren Buffett

Robert Kiyosaki said, “emotions are the biggest cause of financial problems.” There is something called “stress-shopping”. It is when you spend money to relieve stress or to deal with depression. Such purchases often lead to bad debts. So you buy something in a bid to feel better, you owe some money at the end, and you realize that the purchase didn’t even make you happy.

In summary, not controlling your emotions will lead to bad debts. If you have your emotions in check, then you can have your money in check.

7. Know your money

Finally, know your money. Learn, unlearn, relearn. Embrace financial education. For instance, if you don’t know the difference between assets and liabilities, good debts and bad debts, savings and investments; you have a long way to go. so, START NOW! Financial freedom is a journey that begins with knowledge. 

In conclusion, saving yourself from endless bad debts goes beyond getting out of your present debts. It extends to knowing how to prevent bad debts altogether. 

How To Scribe For Ngmoneyseries

How To Scribe For NgMoneySeries

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Hey there, I am happy that you are here. I trust that this article how to scribe for ngmoneyseries will help you. Not only to help you become a ngmoneyseries scribe but also to help you become a great writer. So I’d like it if you paid careful attention.

What and How to Scribe for Ngmoneyseries

scribing at ngmoneyseriesSo there is this guy named Ayo. People call him Dr Ayo as a result of his Vet Medicine background. I wouldn’t give too much thought to that if I were you. You could, however, ask yourself this question. How can one person teach millions of distracted young people everything he knows about money? Well, Dr Ayo is going to use the very thing that is distracting them to teach them.

Leveraging On Trends to Share Insightful Lessons

The beef and the rivalry between Davido and Wizkid is huge. I am sure a Wizkid Fan would have noticed I mentioned Davido ahead of Wizkid. Such a fan is probably already planning how to hate me. Whereas I was only following the simple alphabet order. Insight is a wonderful thing, it just means to see in ways that others are unable to. 

Dr Ayo saw that there were lessons Wizkid and Davido fans could learn from their feud. So he wrote 5 Money Lessons You Could Learn From the Wizkid-Davido Supremacy Battle. Yeah, I know you want to read it too. All trends can teach lessons. This mindset is necessary for how to scribe for ngmoneyseries.

Optimized Titles


There are a couple of reasons you want to read it. The first is the title is optimized. How so? Notice that it is enumerated. When something is numbered, your mind wants to count it. You already probably imagined what the five lessons could be.


You might have come up with the right lessons. But you wouldn’t know. So you’d just want to click and read. That is curiosity, the second reason.


You know it is not a lie, it was all over social media. Here is a youtube blog news from way back that referred to it. You can relate, so you’d want to read. Hence Relatability the third reason.

Celebrity Review, Controversy and Sensitivities.

 Scribing for Ngmoneyseries Speaking of wars, there has always been a gender war. I do think it is unnecessary but it does exist. And you could use it to make your reader want to read. Or make you want to read The One Money Money Strategy that worked for Michelle Obama. Curiosity is wanting to know what that one strategy is. The controversy bait is wondering if it means Michelle was more successful than her husband.

The Necessary Tricks in Your Writing

Active Tenses versus Passive Tenses

You already know I am Dr Ayo. And you already enjoyed the article to this point. Do you know why? This article is optimized. I used active tenses. This is better than saying active tenses were used by me.

Short Tenses and Short Paragraphs

I wrote in short tenses. Your sentences must never exceed twenty. There were places where only four words made the sentence. The shorter the better. Overall make your paragraph short three sentences are okay, only rarely use four sentences.

Transition Sweetly

It really would be nice if you let your thoughts flow as you write. Use transition words to tie your sentences beautifully. 

Watch Your Tone

The write-up tone is very important. It would make us happy if your tone is fun and informative. The disapproving tone is not fun. Keep your perspective positive. If you hold the cup firmly you’d prevent the water from spilling. Every sane adult knows to hold their cups firmly. The last two sentences mean the same thing.  One tone focuses on information of benefit. The second condescends. Avoid condescending tone.

Why You Should Become A Ngmoneyseries Scribe

Where do you come in? I have too many insights than I can write. That is why you will be writing my thoughts for me. You see ngmoneyseries wants to publish as much as five articles daily for the whole year.

How It Works

I will share titles with you. Most times I’ll explain them with a voice note(via WhatsApp). You will research on the title subject. When you are done you’d share with the ngmoneyseries team on google docs.

The Art of Writing

Writing is an art. And all arts flow. Knowing this is how to become a ngmoneyseries scribe. Living this is how to scribe for ngmoneyseries. 

You Are Almost Ready To Become A Ngmoneyseries Scribe

I am sure you have noticed that I have been teaching you the heart of sweet blogging, lol. In the middle is something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a fancy word for how to make it easy for a web browser to find this post. This is why you’d have noticed, I mentioned the title of this blog three times in this post. 

More on SEO

orange in the middle, icon.Always mention the title in the introduction without it been crass. And then slot it in at least two other places. Do the same thing for the key phrase. Become a ngmoneyseries scribe is the key phrase I chose.

This SEO is also the reason I inserted links to other websites (external links) and links to other posts of ngmoneyseries (internal links).

You are a scribe for ngmoneyseries. You may also want to learn everything Dr Ayo has to offer. This is where best to start.

Finally on How To Become a Ngmoneyseries Scribe

grey in the middle ngmoney logoThank you very much. Do put all these things in mind and practise them as you write. This will be fun. I intentionally didn’t mention the use of correct grammatical constructions. You already know, it’s a given. I use Grammarly, Grammarly helps a lot you can sign up for free here.

All the best!

Ayodamola Olu-Ayoola

Ps: I forgot to tell you. Word count should be a minimum of 750 and a maximum of 1000. Like this one you just read.

Bye, cheers!


Five Money Mindset Strategies You Need To Master

3 min readMoney is a subject that is widely taught right from the home to school and even at the religious centres, we have received huge information about money. Information plays an important role in how many people relate to money.

One important thing left out is the ‘Mindset’—because money isn’t the currency in your hands or the cash saved in the bank. Mind you, the world is not having “Mono-Currency”. 

Cultivating a strong and positive mindset about money will impact your life greatly.



A money mindset is an overriding attitude that you have about your finances. This attitude is the core belief you have built over the years from the information you received. 

As the old saying goes, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. Have you ever wondered about the reasons behind your financial decisions?

A money mindset is a catalyst that influences how you make significant financial decisions every day. 

When you have the right and positive money mindset, you tend to make better and wise choices even in the face of obstacles. That’s the power of positive thinking, and it matters most if you want to achieve your financial goals in life.

Your understanding of money will determine how much money you make, how hard you toil for it and how long it takes. Perspectives are important and this has to do with your mindset.



No one makes a decision without initial thoughts. The actions we take reveal the thought process behind the scene—so also is the money mindset. Poor mindset leads to poor action and meaningful progress will not be achieved. 

You are either free or imprisoned by your mindset.

Your actions show your thoughts. 

A negative money mindset is not what you were born with but those beliefs that you have cultivated over time. The negative mindsets are:

  •       Fear—unknown, fear of failure, fear of taking (calculated) risks.
  •       Procrastinations.
  •       Past failures.
  •       Intimidation.
  •       The struggle of overcoming past defeats.
  •       Wrong beliefs.

You aren’t defeated because you failed but rather because of your mindset. 

The obstacles before us are the ones our mindset put there. 

You are what you believe and will act accordingly. 

As long as you keep the negative mindset concerning money, you will work hard but earn little because your mindset is yet to SHIFT to the position that attracts, keeps and multiplies money.

People who have a negative mindset remain poor, not for the lack of opportunities or resources but the blindness of their minds. A blind mind will never see opportunities and will always be ignorant of making money.


You can’t become financially free with wrong beliefs—that’s impossible. Everyone struggling with a negative mindset needs surgery—MINDSHIFT. A mind shift is the ability to change one’s thoughts and beliefs.

Changing your mindset will move you from lack, struggles, and poverty into abundance—this is not magic but a deliberate sequence of decisions and actions.


Embracing a positive mindset will help with your financial goals. It will help you overcome many obstacles (debts, and Imprudence) in life. When your mind is so rich it will reflect in your life—decisions, and actions.

Most billionaires aren’t wealthy because they inherited wealth or won the jackpot but trained themselves mentally and physically.

These five mind shift strategies about money:

  1. Learn to train your mind to see opportunities instead of focusing on obstacles.
  2. Recognize that most unpleasant financial situations are temporary and are fixable.
  3. Learn to ask for help. Asking isn’t the sign of your weakness but clarity.
  4. Set your financial goals but learn to take it step-by-step and don’t be ashamed of small progress.
  5. Cultivate the habit of investing.

Keep your mind under strong monitoring as you apply these money principles. 

Rubles in wallet on white table. Making money

Three No Bullshit Reasons You Suck At Making Money

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Rubles in wallet on white table. Making money

You know I like to dive straight into the matter. No need for fancy words, let’s just have it bare on the table. Will the table break? I cannot say for sure. And you are most likely on this table. So here are the three no bullshit reasons you suck at making money.

You don’t know that you don’t know anything

This is the thing and I am sure you pretty much feel as though I just insulted you. Well, I don’t know what you should take it as (insult, wake-up call, encouragement), just take it as whatever will spur you into taking action. I mean, what is the point of reading this if you are still going to be the way you were before reading this.

Some times, the best way to describe this scenario is what it is like to be in a dream that is so real, that the only time you are ever going to realize that it was a dream is when you wake up. Until you wake up, you are going to continue to think the dream was real life. I call this the curse of the 80%, to understand more about what I mean here, read the upper 20% Principle.

Since not knowing that you don’t know anything is like a terrible sleep, there are about 3 common ways people wake up. The first of these ways is time. Time, as I put here, is a complex sum but I am going to make it simple.

When people sleep, they most likely wake up because sun rays beam on their faces and wake them up (a function of the time of the day) or the alarm they set goes off with a damning noise (still a function of time) and the last function of time is how long the person has been sleeping.

Sometimes the natural body clock takes effect. Some people will naturally wake up after they have slept for 6 hours or a little bit more.

So back to where I was, to put this wake-up time into the appropriate concept of this article, some people wake up only after they retire from their paid employment. (slow down, there is nothing wrong about being an employee, in fact, a lot of times they prove to be the best gift of people’s lives).

So most people wake up after sleeping through all of their primes. Now, they are in the real world, the pension paycheck is barely enough, they realize that all the while they didn’t know anything and didn’t know so.

Some people are lucky they use alarms that they have set by themselves. “If at forty I am yet to travel to at least 10 countries and own enough real estate and drive at least one dream car, I’d need to wake up“. Rather than sleep till daybreak, they wake up at dawn because now, they are forty and they are still struggling with paying their children’s school fees.

Hence, it occurs to them, I have been sleeping. The last function of time I’d explain here is how long people have been sleeping, people usually wake up in their late forties to their early fifties, that’s what we call the midlife crisis.

Having explained the concept of time as to how people eventually wake up from not knowing that they didn’t know anything, the other awakening concept is a rude interruption. You are sleeping and then an earthquake happens! LOL, don’t mind me, I was only being dramatic. But I am sure you get the point.

There is a popular saying on Twitter Ng, about how the supposed Nigerian Middle Class are only one health disaster away from abject poverty. Most people wake up after working for five or ten years and are unable to foot the bill of travelling and paying for a major surgical procedure.

The first two ways of waking up are not desirable and I do not advise that anyone put himself in such a precarious situation. The third way a person can be awake is to be woken up by someone who is and was already awake. This is what great minds do for others. This is what this post wants to do for you. This is what reading books from great minds do for you. They wake you up!

You don’t know anything

So waking up is good, but it is really just the first step. You are still broke because you don’t know anything, there is a simple question that I want to ask you because now you are awake and all of that. Is there any subject whatsoever in this life relevant to a lot of people or not, that you can speak about for straight three hours in an orderly and articulated manner?

Well, I know you think I am wicked, please I am not, I am only passionate about getting you to be on your undeniable way to huge financial success. Take a quick mind run to every one of the successful people you know, I am sure in your mind’s eye you can conveniently see two or more subjects each of them can speak on articulately for three hours.

This is not a public speaking training ground or anything like it. I just need you to realise that, there is general knowledge which can be manipulated to suit the agenda of few and then there is specified knowledge. The knowledge of a subject that few people are aware of or the deeper knowledge of a subject that a lot of people think they know a lot about. Reviewing how long you can speak on a subject if given all the time helps you just how much you know about a thing.

It is simply what it is, everyone knows that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, and that’s the exact number of people who have never made a single dime from that knowledge, everyone! But if you knew practical ways of getting a state out of debt and can prove it, it is only a matter of time before you make a fortune from such knowledge no matter how you came across the knowledge.

Knowing is a direct function of learning, there are other ways to know if you know a thing, we created a spectrum of wealth based on the different levels of knowledge we even highlighted how you can move up the levels. The second reason you are poor is that you don’t know anything, you may think you are better than the ones who don’t know that they don’t know, but I am not sure about that, because there was a reason the saying that “ignorance is bliss”.

You are not doing anything about it

You may have progressed, but then this is never the place where you want to be. Unfortunately, it is very difficult -almost impossible- to, from this point, go back to the ‘sleep’. The unfulfilled desire here alone can kill you, you have to get up and act, you will need to start and see things through.

If this article is your first visit to us, please go see what life is at the beginning and if it isn’t your first visit and yet it still looks as though I am speaking gibberish; you should go see this plan about what to start doing with your finances to get you out of poverty into wealth.

This is the craziest most beautiful things about life. That things beginning to happen once you start to act. I know it and I am super sure of this truth and I can bet my entire life legacy, generations and dynasty on it.

Sometimes you don’t see the physical changes immediately, but they are there. A trained eye can see them. We thought you might need those so we wrote you a whole guide of how to see the money progress you are making. I am sure you already know by now that as far as a rich life and money-making are concerned we gat you on and we are always going to be there for you.

Let us know what you think as soon as possible. We always keep our comment section limits to ten comments. This is so that we can effectively take actions based on the user feedback provided in such comments. Hence, we can serve you better without getting drawn into a distracting loop of niceties or sensitivities.

To make sure that your comments are one of the ten that we get to see please endeavour to keep notifications for this site or for use on any social media handle.

Thank you so much.