Principles or Not

More often than not, young people detest the word “principle” or anything related to it. Majorly, because, they feel it limits (cages) them. Principles, from the personal experiences of most young people (especially from the school system and parents), denies them the freedom to explore their youthful energy to its zenith. 


Surprisingly, this is common to everyone, both young and old. Principles tell us what to do, or what not to do. They commandeer, judge, bind, stop, control, threaten, and limit us. At least, that is how an average person feels about laws, rules, codes and conducts, do’s and donts, etc. which are all forms of PRINCIPLES.


It is common for anyone to want to rebel, and defy principles, when and as often as they can. 


As much as Principles can, sometimes, be annoyingly dictatorial (e.g. most Government laws), they are also important for our existence and survival (e.g. same Government laws were created for our own benefits).


However, take for example, the Laws of nature. One of which is the LAW OF GRAVITY. 


Without the Law of Gravity, man cannot exist freely on earth, because we will simply escape into space (extinction), every time we jump, without the gravitational force pulling us back to the earth’s surface. Without the Law of Gravity, you wouldn’t be where you are today… you would have DISAPPEARED!

You can defy them


Interestingly, man desires and choose to rebel. We mostly dare to defy principles, including the laws of nature. 


In the case of the Law of Gravity. Many had tried to “DEFY” the law of gravity by trying to FLY, or TRAVEL beyond the STRATOSPHERE into the Galaxy, BUT FAILED, AND EVEN DIED in the process.


Until the Wright Brothers, who successfully made the first flying plane. THEY SUCCESSFULLY DEFIED THE LAW OF GRAVITY.

The aviation industry is a Trillion dollar industry today. People are making money by DEFYING the principle of nature.


The same applies to the Space Industry, a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.


Man can successfully leave the earth, against the gravity law, go to the moon, go beyond the galaxy, and come back. DEFIANCE!


What about satellites?!


300 years ago, no one would have believed that an artificially built machine could be positioned in the space, and made to stay there, just like the moon and stars.




Listen carefully, this is what I am driving at.




Ohh, you thought I was about to teach you Money Principles right…. Yeah… you are right… but get this first!

Know it

Why do you think the Wright Brothers could successfully defy the Law of Gravity and many before them died in the process of doing the same?


They studied it, understood it, knew it…. And therefore, could scheme around it. SIMPLE.


This is where many people make mistakes in their lives. They try to defy principles, without having adequate knowledge about them. Hence, they defy it to their own peril. 


Now you know that Principles can be defied. Also, know this. Not all principles can be defied. Some MUST be obeyed. While MOST, you can easily scheme around it.


There are Money Principles.


You MUST know them.

And you MUST know them well.


You must also KNOW, that you can defy, you can rebel. But, you need to know them first.


You need to understand the KEY money principles and make them work for you. 


Money Principles that you must know


The 8 Ng-Money Principles

  • The People-Principle
  • The Servitude Principle
  • The 3D sight Principle
  • The Multiplier Principle
  • The  Time-Velocity Ratio Principle
  • The Majority Principle
  • The Principle of Change
  • The Principle of Control

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