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Money and happiness form part of the most integral aspects of life. However, for several decades, there have been many arguments concerning which of the two is more important in life. Each side of the arguments presents salient points that emphasise the supremacy of one above the other. This article will not present any of such arguments. Instead, I will explain why you should not disturb yourself about making the difficult decision of choosing only one. You need both.

But before we continue, I need to define both terms, in the simplest words possible.

Money: a means of value exchange. Money equals affordability. More money means more financial strength to possess needs and/or wants.
Happiness: an emotional state of wellness, joy, fulfilment, & contentment. Happiness equals “feeling good”. Note, happiness is an emotional state, hence, it cannot be perfectly quantified i.e. measured.


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Being skilful or an expert in a craft gives you the opportunity to make more money, as much as it brings fulfilment of impact and achievement, in other words, happiness. Once upon a time, a friend of mine wanted to learn online marketing skill, but he could not afford it. Feeling unfulfilled and handicapped, he became sad. Fortunately, he was able to raise funds to sponsor himself. After graduating from the course, he felt fulfilled. He felt alive! He became VERY happy! Not only that, but he also made lots of returns on his investment (that is, MORE MONEY), which brought even more gladness to him.

More Money, More Happiness; More Happiness, More Money.


We all know how miserable it is to be a debtor, especially when you don’t have the means of paying off the debt, and the creditor is on your neck. When there is enough money, you can pay off your debts and have left over to invest/save.

No More Debts = Happiness and More money.


Investments and Savings are subtle ways of buying happiness for your future. Investments secure your future. Hence, investments bring happiness. However, you need MONEY to invest with.

More Money = More Investments = Increased Happiness.


Helping people increases your level of happiness. It makes you feel more human. However, you can’t give from what you don’t have. The best philanthropists in the world are the wealthy ones. Billionaires such as Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia, Tony Elumelu, Strive Masiyiwa, Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos etc. are top ranking in philanthropy. Obviously, this is directly proportional to their net worth. They could help millions of people because they have the money (lots of money actually). I believe that helping people makes you happy, really happy. The happiness attached to philanthropy (true philanthropy) is divine. Do you want to help millions of people live better lives? YOU NEED MONEY!

Money enables massive philanthropy; Philanthropy brings happiness.


Often times, in a bid to make more money, our relationships suffer. Whereas, relationships (friends, family, loved ones) make life happier. On the other hand, giving your relationships all the attention, and not giving the required attention to make money, eventually makes you miserable. Because you would always be financially dependent on your relationships. Money makes you a better friend, husband/wife, son/daughter, sibling, etc. Hence, you just have to balance the two. Don’t get too carried away in your pursuit of wealth and forget all the other good aspects of your life, which money cannot buy. Also, don’t focus all your attention on those relationships, and leave your dream to die.

In conclusion, you must know that money and happiness both play an overlapping role in making your life better. However, all things being equal, you’d be happier if you have more money than if you were broke. However, money cannot give you 100% happiness, but it’ll definitely make your life happier. More so, being happy makes you more free-spirited to create wealth. Hence, there is no point trading one for the other. Enjoy your life, be happy, make yourself happy, make money and make more money, live and have fun. You deserve all!

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