Five Reasons You Should Hate To Say “I Can’t Afford It”

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Arguably, the poorest vocabulary of money is “I can’t afford it”. Not being able to afford something is simply when you don’t have enough money for it. That is, when it comes to buying or getting that particular thing done, you lack what it takes. 

There are many situations that push you to tell yourself you can’t afford something; sometimes it could be that you are on an outing and you see something you like so much but then, it cannot fit into your budget. It could be an emergency situation that warrants some money and it could even be a friend who needs your financial help. In all these situations, what comes to your mind is “I can’t afford it”.

However, by saying this to yourself, you are putting yourself in some kind of risk. Words and mindsets are powerful. Words can make or break. Here are some reasons why you should hate to say “I can’t afford it”;

A Poor Mind Set

The first reason is this, saying you can’t afford something is programming your mind to be poor. Your mind constitutes your sense of reasoning and cognitive activities in general which includes your imagination, language or vocabulary, perception, consciousness, thinking, etc. and even non-cognitive aspects such as the emotions or feelings. This means your mind plays a very significant role in your financial activities such as your goals, earnings, spending, savings, investment, etc. The implication of this is that your mind serves as your gate or entrance to wealth, your mind determines a lot. Saying “I can’t afford it” by default, is training your mind to be poor.


Furthermore, you become hindered from being imaginative and laziness sets in. You agree with me that every habit has its starting point. Saying ” I cannot…” to yourself hinders your imaginative prowess. With time, your priorities and business goals become very hard to accomplish. You’d trained your powerful and to become LAZY. Your brain would normally be triggered to find solutions to your lack. Only if, you asked “how can I afford it” instead of “I can’t afford it”.

Negative Feelings

Also, it creates negative feelings. Don’t say things that kill the positivity in you; there are lots of powers embedded in words, all we have to do is speak them! Take for instance the owner of Zoom App; Eric Yuan. He kept on with his creativity even though his expectations were not met. Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of his Zoom app became very massive. His wealth increased exponentially and made it to Forbes’ Billionaires list.

This is how the thinking faculty works, immediately you tell it something, it begins to create ideas and feelings related to your mental positioning. This is why when a massive business idea penetrates your mind, make a decision to fuel your mind with positive ideas and feelings. Read up on the success stories of people like Eric Yuan, Bill Gates, Dangote, etc. this can help you feed positive words and feelings on your money-making goals! Avoid negative vibes, train your thinking to be consistently positive.


Fourthly, saying “I can’t afford it” kills your self-esteem. The rate at which you can say “I can afford it” depends on your self-esteem. Mental positioning is then needed. As a business owner, dare to take the risk and act on your idea.

You can afford it

In furtherance of the foregoing, you should hate to say “You can’t afford it” because “You can afford it”. However, taking a deeper look at it, you indeed cannot afford everything but you can afford almost everything. If you can simply tell yourself “you can afford it” or better still, ask yourself, “how can I afford it?”. Your mental positioning shifts and you begin to see possible ways and systems to make whatever it is, affordable. 

Moreover, if you really cannot afford that thing in the actual sense, telling yourself “I can’t…” shouldn’t be your response.

For example, your next target is to pay off a debt that has been hanging for a while. About the same period, your friends invited you to an expensive hang-out. Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it”; rather, decline the invitation, and tell them why, if they care to know.

In conclusion, be positive in your words as much as you are in thoughts. If the going gets tough, ask yourself, “How..?” “What can I do..”, etc…. Instead of telling your mind that “it is OVER”. And that is exactly what you do when you say “I CAN’T AFFORD IT”, in other words, “IT IS OVER, I’M NEVER GOING TO ACHIEVE MY DREAMS”.


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