Five EASY Steps to Monetizing Your Skill(s)

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Times have changed and the world has gone digital. You can now make money from your skills with or without having to leave the comfort of your home. But most people have not been profiting from this because they do not know how to go about it.

Monetizing a skill is not as difficult as it appears and even though it may seem intimidating at first, you must start somewhere.

You too can make money from what you love doing, online and offline. Simply follow the steps highligted below.

Master your skill

I disagree with people trying to make money doing something they suck at. When you do so, you deliver poor results. This gives you a bad reputation. Hence, bad income. Therefore, first thing, MASTER YOUR SKILL!

Reach out to experts in your niche. Learn from them. Be mentored. Be adequately informed.

Buy books. Attend training, workshops and conferences (free and paid). Read blogs. Use Google and Youtube also.

But as much as you learn, don’t feel relaxed and sit back. Always practice what you learn. Practise and keep practising. Remember, practice brings perfection.

Build an online presence and be consistent with it.

No one is self-sufficient. You need people to buy what you have to offer. Therefore, they must know that you exist. Hence, while mastering your skill, showcase your progress on your social media walls (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn etc.). Build your brand and create awareness for your skill there.

You can as well create a blog or a medium profile. Focus on a niche or target audience. Post contents that keep your readers coming back. As you do this, be consistent. The results will definitely come. You will undoubtedly attract potential buyers to yourself.

Render services and create offers.

Now that you have mastered your skill and showcased yourself on social media platforms. Next, render your services to potential customers. Create special offers, discounts, promo, or even free offers. Post this offers on your social media platforms, or blog, or website. Start selling. Simple.

Become a freelancer.

Moreover, you can monetize your skills on freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Simply Hired, PeoplePerHour, Aquent, Crowded, The Creative Group and more.

The cool thing about freelancing is you’re in control of when and where you work. You’ll have a deadline but the company/individual who contracts you won’t dictate where to work or how to work or when to work. All they are interested in is, deliver excellently, and within the stated deadline. You make money, while in control.

Train and Mentor others

I love this part. Train others what you have mastered. This can bring you a good income. Start to train and mentor others. To become a coach, you do not need a website to start. You can begin by using Facebook or WhatsApp groups. All you need is a deep understanding of your subject matter and the ability to help your students or readers get the results they desire.

And the truth is, there will always be someone you can train/mentor. Charge your students and make sure the right contents are given. Training materials can as well be packaged as ebooks, video courses, etc. and sold at a rewarding price.

Isn’t it intriguing that none of these steps involves going back to the classrooms and chasing grades? All you need to do is to start from where you are and sharpen what you love most. 

Now that you are well informed on monetizing your skill. I dare you to be brave enough to begin today. Your skills can earn you a fortune. Take the steps above, and become the financially independent fellow you’ve always dreamed of. 

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