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3 Keys To Wealth Creation: You Have One Already

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wealth creation

Everybody wants to get rich quickly, but very few are ready to put in the required hard work and patience.

We all desire the best and nicest things in life, no doubt. However, some in a bid to “make it”, end up getting involved in some murky “get rich quick schemes” which in most cases do not end well.

Creating wealth is not actually difficult as you think, especially if you know the right things to do and you’re ready to pay the price for them.

So, in this short article, I’ve highlighted some simple keys to wealth creation. Believe me when I tell you that these keys have been tested and trusted and a lot of testimonies and lessons have been shared and learnt from them. You too could find them worthwhile.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

1. Calm down!

You didn’t expect this at all right? But that is the first step, CALM DOWN! Don’t be in haste. Exercise patience. People who tend to be in haste end up spoiling things for themselves.

When it comes to making money, you don’t rush. Don’t be greedy. Even though you saw a friend riding a nice car, you shouldn’t be jealous. Do you know what jealousy breeds? Greed! And greed will make you want to do absurd things to make money. The incessant “get rich quick schemes” flying up and down social media today is an example. Moreover, These schemes cannot accrue wealth for you. They often look pleasing to the eye and tempting, in the long run, however, they crash. Furthermore, patience is a virtue, so goes the saying, so calm down. Whoever told you that money-making comes easy lied to you, it takes time but that time is worth the wait.

2. Cut your Spending

That’s right! We all know that to be able to create wealth, one must work for it. I will like to quote a text from the Holy Bible to corroborate this; In 2 Thessalonians 3:10, the scriptures say that the one who is unwilling to work should not eat. So getting a well-paying job is key.  Some of us like to be our own boss though, the idea of getting a job doesn’t appeal to us; we want to rule our own world and not be under the services of anybody. On the other hand, some are still cool with their salaries. Whichever, make sure you enjoy what you do.

In addition to your work giving you a sense of satisfaction, it should generate long-term income for you. Your income could be passive or active.


There’s this attribute that is common to us all and that is the issue of spending; we all spend from our incomes. In addition, the Economists say that “Man is an insatiable being”, meaning he does not get satisfied over time. As humans, we have unlimited wants. Unfortunately, we can go any length to satisfy them.

The mistake many of us make always is trying to match our needs against our budget; we tend to spend too much from the little we earn. This is wrong. Do you want to create wealth? Cut your expenses! Be frugal with your spending. I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend at all or spoil yourself once in a while, but be disciplined when it comes to your budget. Spend less, save more. You may want to adopt a budget plan to track your expenses, say in a month. I do that a lot, it helps me keep tabs on my spending and consciously it has helped me really define my needs from my wants.

3. Invest wisely

This cannot be over-emphasized. Invest! Invest!! Invest!!! As you’re making money, invest wisely. A lot of people think investing one’s money is tantamount to opening a savings account with your bank. That’s wrong. Interestingly, your money will only lose its value in such an account or you could be tempted to spend it on impulse.

Why not talk to a good financial advisor who can help you with an investment plan? Whatever happened to buying shares? There are lots of investment platforms around if you do your research well. You wouldn’t believe the returns your money would yield overtime. Take that risk, my friend, it’s worth it. Don’t go putting your money into Ponzi schemes; it will crash and you’d have yourself to blame.

Invest wisely. Invest appropriately.

In conclusion, the above keys have been proven to work effectively over time when practised. Therefore, let’s get going! Let’s create wealth and become rich.

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Binary options trading are financial transactions in which the trader speculates on rising and/or falling of values. “A binary option is a fixed payout in which you predict the outcome from two possible results. If your prediction is correct, you receive the agreed payout. If not, you lose your initial stake, and nothing more. It’s called ‘binary’ because there can be only two outcomes – win or lose.” However, even though this form of trading can make you a millionaire overnight, you can lose a lot of money in seconds. The difference between being successful and losing your money lies in the strategies that you use.

     If you’re planning to venture into binary options trading, this article provides you with the top 5 binary options tips that you should know before you start trading.

Acquire knowledge on prediction and price movement

Before trading binary options, the most important thing is to acquire as much knowledge there is; especially how to predict and dynamism of price movement. If you predict correctly upon expiry of your option, then you will be paid the amount that was previously determined. On the other hand, if your prediction is incorrect, then you get to lose the money. If you are a newbie, then you need to know that there is no single point to assume that you have actually mastered all the tricks used in binary options trading.

If you want to pursue binary options professionally, you need to know that learning binary options is a lifelong process. Learning the tricks requires dedication. You also need to update your strategies from time to time because the binary options market keeps evolving.

Also, you can acquire knowledge by always checking the economic calendar on what news/earnings are scheduled to be released. It is advisable to trade only after the data is released and the potential effects have occurred. It takes lots of knowledge and experience to predict what the market will do before it does it. Try to recognize market trends and ranging conditions and select strategy appropriate to each of them.

Start small

It is advisable to start small i.e do not trade with huge amounts of money at first. Start small then grow big. There are unavoided mistakes and losses to be encountered before you master the art of trading. And that’s why it is more profitable to start trading with small money. As you get better in your prediction, increase your capital gradually, till you can confidently invest huge amounts, which would mean, huge gains.

Have a strategic plan

Based on the experiences of expert traders, it’s a common knowledge that you won’t go far if you don’t have a solid trading strategy. Creating a plan can be difficult but it is important to develop a trading strategy. This can be done with the help of professionals, successful traders, consistent trading, and reading. If you realize that your current strategies are not working, don’t shy away from making necessary changes to the plan.

Do not over trade

Trade only according to the strategic plan already outlined. Only follow your rules and never place aggressive trades based on emotion. It can be very tempting and frustrating to trade more in order to make up for lost monies. Hey! take a break, step back, clear your mind. Then start trading again if you experience a series of 3 or 4 consecutive losses.

Don’t stick to binary trading as the only source of income

As a novice, don’t quit your job when you decide to become a part time or full time trader. You’ll need lots of experience and capital to rely solely on trading . Also, this takes time. It is always best to have a second source of income. Besides, making trading your main business will put undue pressure on you especially when things aren’t going as planned. And you have so much needs to attend to. This will make you stressed, afraid and fatigued.

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As a little girl, I imagined hosting colourful dinner parties with members of the highest class of the world’s society in attendance. I imagined wearing gorgeous dresses sewn by me and being the highlight of the evening. I imagined having birthday balls in well-decorated halls, lit with beautiful chandeliers, wearing ball gowns I sew that swept through the whole place. All my life, I have seen myself in big places, attending important occasions, receiving honours, bagging awards, being recognised as an elite in the society…, wearing dresses that I sew. Most importantly, I have seen myself severally, walking down the aisle in an elaborate wedding gown that would be designed by me. All these fantasies pointed to one thing and that was, my desire for fashion. Fantasies point out our wildest dreams, adventures we will love to undertake, passions we crave to fulfil… 

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

What are fantasies?

Fantasies are like dreams. Mine pushed me to discover my passion for fashion and led me to take decisions towards it. Oh! You should have seen my joy when I made my first dress. I do not imagine fashion poorly. Oh no! I imagine the best of it; fashion in its richest and most elaborate form, the type that belongs in the places where kings and queens sit. Fashion was and still is the rock of my money fantasy and the well I now drink from financially. Your money fantasies can either make or mar you. I’d list three ways they can make you and two ways that they can mar you. They can help you discover your passion, motivate you and inspire you to take steps towards actualising them. These fantasies can however cause you to take wrong decisions at delicate seasons and lead you to frustration.

Of what use are my fantasies?

Firstly, fantasies can help you track your purpose. Discovering one’s passion is as important as knowing one’s name. There is no fulfilling wealth that can be amassed outside the place of passion. A fulfilling wealth does not imply disinterest in making more wealth but a feeling of joy at the source of one’s wealth and more energy to make more wealth happen. Criticise your fantasies by asking; what do I dream about the most? What desire occupies my thoughts mostly? Have you answered those questions? What do they point to? Your fantasies are pointers to what drives you. They help you discover what you are most passionate about. After you have discovered your passion, your fantasies will then serve as motivating factors that will drive you to achievement. 

Consequently, fantasies motivate. Motivation is an incentive for doing something. Therefore, if we refer to fantasies as motivators for wealth, we mean that they are incentives for wanting to make money. Let’s examine how motivation works: motivation is of two forms; intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external). My intrinsic motivator was my desire to wear beautiful dresses sewn by me. It drove me to pursue my passion. In the process of pursuit, I started getting paid for dresses; saw other renowned designers whose massive wealth came from their jobs and this became my extrinsic motivator (the desire to make wealth). Resultantly, every fantasy inspired me to try out new designs that I could call my own. Your fantasies can make you rich by helping you discover your passion, motivate you towards achieving it and inspire you to achieve greater success.

If fantasies are that good, can they possibly harm me? 

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is, YES. There are several ways your fantasies can mar you to poverty. I would, however, examine two points here, which are; DISTRACTION and FRUSTRATION. Have you seen how some low salary earners take some money decision that puts you off? Decisions like; a #50,000 salary earner taking out a huge loan to take a vacation to Dubai because he fantasises about it or a poor school teacher using his savings (big enough to buy/build a moderate house) to buy an expensive car. Fantasies can distract you from making the right money decision at delicate seasons of your life. If your focus is to drive expensive cars, own expensive houses without putting work forward, you’re in for poverty.

Quick teaser: I have a fantasy to wear beautiful gowns? Which of the following money decision is more reasonable and would be an investment for my future?

Fantasies can also lead to frustration when efforts are being pushed aside. I’ve seen people go from wishful to bitter when they got disappointed severally. A poor mental state is unhelpful to money-making and wealth building. What frustration does to people is to deny them of hope thereby causing a state of mental unwellness, a sickness of the soul. Building wealth is as much mental as it is physical. So, if you get frustrated from the futility of your efforts towards fulfilling your fantasies, you will be denying yourself the mental wellness required to make wealth.

In the end, your fantasies are powerful tools; they may be the reason for your becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg of your generation or Aliko Dangote of Africa. All things being equal, you might want to start taking note of your fantasies and taking precious steps towards making the money you want!


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Times and Seasons

Marking seasons is as important as marking time; it will help you know what to do at each stage of life. Seasons are synonymous to phases/stages and knowing the meaning, purpose, use, relevance etc. of every stage would prevent us from taking uninformed, profitless and foolish decisions. The ability to understand your early life’s season is an enhancer of youthful affluence. It gives you the possibility to make wealth in the days of your youth. There are two remarkable seasons in our early life that we must know and exploit for money-making purposes. These seasons are the Imaginative season and the Action-experience season.

The Imaginative Season

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Your imaginative season is your time to imagine, build fantasies, recognise passions and act on them. They are the seasons when you have low experience level as compared to your energy level. In this season, one is expected to build expectations from life, discover their interests in life and start taking baby steps. Unfortunately, many out of ignorance mark this season as a bad phase in life. This is because, usually, this phase can be confusing at first; trying to choose a path, taking baby steps, hoping for the best despite the uncertainties, insecurities, fears, failures… 

However, this is a very important season in the life of everyone who wants to build wealth. In this season, you are quite inexperienced but full of much energy. You have so many people ahead of you whose work if compared to yours is like Goliath (huge and visible) to David (small and insignificant). Well, the good news is that your David can lead the life that Goliath will never dream of and let alone have. And another simple truth is this; the earlier this phase comes to you, the better for you. It gives you the opportunity to make wealth earlier than others. 

The Period of Balance

The Action-Experience season is the period of balance. Many would love to jump to that season without first taking appropriate steps to build; despising the season of imagination. However, that should not be. This season can only come only after the imaginative season. In this season, your energy matches with your experience and you are able to receive as much worth as you can give. The case may be that your energy level dropped while your experience level rose till they met at a point or that your energy kept rising even as your experience rose till they matched. Maybe the case is that your energy level stood still while your experience rode up to it; whatever the case maybe, this level marks the point where you can make millions of naira.

How Not To Miss These Seasons

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Since you now recognise these seasons, what are the ways to prevent you from missing them when they come?

  • Know: ignorance is not an excuse in life. Every man who must create wealth must be richly-informed. A wise man once said; “the difference between a poor man and a rich man is what they know”. You must first know about these seasons. Know what they are about so that when they come around, you will be able to recognise them, utilise and not despise them.
  • Be Sturdy: to be sturdy here means to be firm and strong. Some people miss out on their seasons by the mistake of comparing seasons in their life to that of their friends. Mistakes such as; “if my friend is in her action-experience season, I should be there too” are reasons people miss their seasons. We all enter the different seasons of our life at different times. Age is not even a determinant of our season. Well, mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at age 23 but that age might just be your own imaginative season. Don’t be swayed by the mistake of comparison- you can identify the seasons and grow in them.
  • Prepare:  failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Prepare for these seasons so that when they come, you will be able to utilize them efficiently. If you do not prepare, you will be like a person who waited for rain and when the rain finally came, placed a basket out there in the rain. What the person will end up having is wet ground and not usable water, thus, he will still be in need of water even after the rain.


Wealth doesn’t come by chance; it requires a great deal of planning and foresight. What differentiates you is the ability to see, recognise, mark and utilize seasons appropriately. During your imaginative season, imagine and work; exercise that energy so that when your action-experience season comes, you will be able to make investments that would later yield millions of naira.

7 Ways A Poor Mother Can Make Her Child Rich

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My mother was my first motivation and inspiration to succeed.  Though from a humble background, she taught me to live life always aiming at the sky. She taught me the importance of building relationships with wise people. And when my father totally turned against me majoring in the arts, she recognised my potentials and supported me strongly. During the last holiday I had with my mum, I was writing a book for children and she proudly said, “I am glad I supported your decision back then”. Now I have a budding poetry society and a semi-successful writing career.

– Oyedeji Damilola (Founder, Ariella Poetry Society)

A mother’s mindset is like a mainframe computer that communicates multiple signals to her children and those around her. A child’s possibility to succeed is higher when he(generic) has a mother who supports and pushes her children to success. The first connection a child has to the outer world is his mother. Firstly, he shares space, food and water with her. He gets vitamins needed to grow into a healthy foetus from her. He shares feelings with her and she shares her feelings with him too. This pre-natal connection marks the importance of a mother to a child. In this article, I will be identifying seven ways a mother can make her child RICH!


Primarily, the right mindset is the right way to life. A mother’s way or approach to viewing life is what she passes down to her child. A mother who believes in everyday learning will train her child to see every moment as an opportunity to learn. If she believes in the  cogence of making mistakes and learning from them, she will pass down the value to her child. If a mother is such that remains stuck to archaic ideas, refusing to drop them for new ones, she might be an obstacle to the adventurous spirit in her child(ren). Consequently,  preventing possible future achievements.


Also, many wise men have said, “deep thinkers are great thinkers”. Children are naturally imaginative and inquisitive, trying to make sense of the world they have found themselves in. Yet, some mothers try to shun their children and cut them out of their world of imagination. Mothers who are, however, able to encourage deep and creative thinking in their children will succeed in helping to build their child’s imaginative ability. I believe that anything achievable is something that must be first of all imaginable. Alexander Graham Bell did not wake up one day to his telephone invention. It all began with an imagination. Mothers who can build their children’s ability to think give them a great tool in this world of inventions.


Furthermore, a mother’s ability to push and motivate her child to Success is invaluable. Pushing and pressuring are two different ideas. Pushing gives room for mistakes however, pressuring leaves the child with no option of failing. A mother, who motivates her child to try new things, pointing out the possibility of failing, pushes him to greatness. Most parents try to tie their children down to a safe space, preventing them from taking new adventures. Parents who do that rid their children of their ability to discover and invent. Popular rapper Kanye West spoke about his mother as the one person who taught him to believe in his “flyness” and also to conquer his shyness. She motivated him to be the voice to allow people to think and find their own way.


Consequently, a mother who motivates her child becomes a support system. This gives the child the belief that he has his number one cheerleader in her. Gabby Douglas, the renowned artistic gymnast, is the first African American to have won the Olympic all-around champion in 2012. She began her training at age six after her mother enrolled her in gymnastic classes. When Gabby felt the pressure of being separated from her family she wanted to give up. Her mother’s tough love helped her to hold on strongly. It was that year that she won the gold for individual all-around gymnastics.


Ben Carson’s story is another one that strikes deeply. His mother is a definition of love, discipline and foresight. Ben Carson is a renowned paediatric neurosurgeon who was mothered by a single mother with no formal education.  He said, “She was one of God’s greatest blessings to me and it was her foresight and discernment that pushed me to reach my dreams”. Ben lagged behind academically but his mother taught him that it was in his power to change their life’s situation. When she realised how much of TV her children watched, she curbed it by making them read two books  in a week. That regular reading habit was what Ben later said to be the beginning of his fruitful academic career. Ben Carson’s story enlightens us on what a mother’s love and discipline can do to her child.


The importance of a great interpersonal relationship skill cannot be over-emphasized. Many children who have poor relations skills are influenced by their family background. Any mother who encourages her child(ren )to communicate feelings and opinion freely and confidently, correcting any form of impertinence, is good. Great relationships are success markers; show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. The ability for mothers to encourage their children to keep good friends is one great boost that every child needs.

Having said all, I want you to note that your mother is a body of wisdom. If you look closely, you will see in her, several values that will help you go a long way in life. Mothers are priceless and they can lure you to great success.  

10 Reasons Why “Get Rich Quick Schemes” Are Not The Best Options For Wealth Creation

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Everyone likes money. We want to have it in our possession, as many as we could possibly amass. Interestingly, money does not come by easily. Money is only attracted to those who are ready to go and take it! Unfortunately, legal (illegal too, smiles) money is not easy to take. You have to work hard and long for it. You have to prove that you truly want and deserve it. However, many young ones in the 21st century are not ready to invest the time, energy, work and brain required to amass wealth. Consequently, they turn to short cuts, which are often faster-than-normal means to make lots of money. Many peddlers of such have saturated the world wide web space, promising “quick cash…”, “6-figures in 24 hours”, “7-figures without knowing how to do anything”, “make millions without working” and more. Other forms of these superfast money-making schemes are organised cyber thievery, code-named in Nigeria as yahoo-yahoo or yahoo plus or 419 etc. Hence, these means are collectively referred to as Get-Rich-Quick Schemes.

A get-rich-quick scheme is a plan to generate high income from a small investment. Get-rich-quick schemes are often shady investments. They have been in existence for more than a century ago. Although the legality of some is controversial. However, a lot of people are seen exploring it. Also, many became very rich with it (This is more applicable to the originators/founders of the schemes). This article will look into why they are not the best options for wealth creation.



One of the main problems with these schemes is the fact that some of them are considered illegal in many jurisdictions. Ponzi schemes, Pyramid schemes or Matrix schemes are known to be illegal in the constitutions of many nations.


Most times, many of these schemes do not even work, even though they (founders) send fake proofs of authenticity to their potential victims. Some of them eventually hack their victims’ bank accounts and subsequently withdraw money from these accounts.


As it was mentioned earlier, most of these schemes do not eventually work out, because they weren’t designed to succeed in the first place. A smart person understands how a good business operates, and how ‘reasonable’ the acclaimed profits are. Some of the promises made by the founders of these schemes are just impossible to fulfil. Alas! excessive greed blinds. Hence, many are oblivious to the regretful ending such schemes are fated with.


Even schemes that will ‘work’ require you to work. Not just working, in fact, it’s hard work. The returns might eventually not compensate for the whole stress. You might end up just promoting someone’s business while you recieve a ridiculous amount of money as compensation for the job. Why not put the whole energy into a more promising business, probably a personal one?


Success takes time. You might invest a huge amount of money in a scheme and have to wait for donkey years before you recieve your promised returns (That is if you are lucky you weren’t scammed). Investment into a legit business is obviously better.


Some get-rich-quick schemes display the impression that getting money is like chewing a piece of boiled fish (So easy?) The truth; good things don’t always come easy, especially money. You have to work hard and smart. Otherwise, you might just be chasing your own shadow.


Many of these schemes make false promises. It is simply a means to entice and stealthily rob its victims.


Many of them just want to get your money. That’s all! This is why they do all they can to gain your interest. Once this is done, be rest assured that you will start realising how disinterested they are in helping your situation. Initially, they try to give you the best rates that will get as much money as possible out of your wallet into their hands. This is all they care about.


Whether you’re chasing money or you’re chasing other life goals, you need to realise that success requires hard work, smart work, persistence, determination, consistent efforts and not just ‘luck’. Invest your money in legal and promising businesses and not get-rich-quick schemes!


Get-rich-quick schemes are not sustainable. That is, they cannot last long. They cannot be bequeathed to the next generation. Wealth creation can only be possible via sustainable investment vehicles such as businesses, real estate etc. not get-rich-quick strategies. You may win at the beginning, but you cannot sustain your winnings, not for long.

In conclusion, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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Money and happiness form part of the most integral aspects of life. However, for several decades, there have been many arguments concerning which of the two is more important in life. Each side of the arguments presents salient points that emphasise the supremacy of one above the other. This article will not present any of such arguments. Instead, I will explain why you should not disturb yourself about making the difficult decision of choosing only one. You need both.

But before we continue, I need to define both terms, in the simplest words possible.

Money: a means of value exchange. Money equals affordability. More money means more financial strength to possess needs and/or wants.
Happiness: an emotional state of wellness, joy, fulfilment, & contentment. Happiness equals “feeling good”. Note, happiness is an emotional state, hence, it cannot be perfectly quantified i.e. measured.


Photo by Thiago Cerqueira on Unsplash


Being skilful or an expert in a craft gives you the opportunity to make more money, as much as it brings fulfilment of impact and achievement, in other words, happiness. Once upon a time, a friend of mine wanted to learn online marketing skill, but he could not afford it. Feeling unfulfilled and handicapped, he became sad. Fortunately, he was able to raise funds to sponsor himself. After graduating from the course, he felt fulfilled. He felt alive! He became VERY happy! Not only that, but he also made lots of returns on his investment (that is, MORE MONEY), which brought even more gladness to him.

More Money, More Happiness; More Happiness, More Money.


We all know how miserable it is to be a debtor, especially when you don’t have the means of paying off the debt, and the creditor is on your neck. When there is enough money, you can pay off your debts and have left over to invest/save.

No More Debts = Happiness and More money.


Investments and Savings are subtle ways of buying happiness for your future. Investments secure your future. Hence, investments bring happiness. However, you need MONEY to invest with.

More Money = More Investments = Increased Happiness.


Helping people increases your level of happiness. It makes you feel more human. However, you can’t give from what you don’t have. The best philanthropists in the world are the wealthy ones. Billionaires such as Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia, Tony Elumelu, Strive Masiyiwa, Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos etc. are top ranking in philanthropy. Obviously, this is directly proportional to their net worth. They could help millions of people because they have the money (lots of money actually). I believe that helping people makes you happy, really happy. The happiness attached to philanthropy (true philanthropy) is divine. Do you want to help millions of people live better lives? YOU NEED MONEY!

Money enables massive philanthropy; Philanthropy brings happiness.


Often times, in a bid to make more money, our relationships suffer. Whereas, relationships (friends, family, loved ones) make life happier. On the other hand, giving your relationships all the attention, and not giving the required attention to make money, eventually makes you miserable. Because you would always be financially dependent on your relationships. Money makes you a better friend, husband/wife, son/daughter, sibling, etc. Hence, you just have to balance the two. Don’t get too carried away in your pursuit of wealth and forget all the other good aspects of your life, which money cannot buy. Also, don’t focus all your attention on those relationships, and leave your dream to die.

In conclusion, you must know that money and happiness both play an overlapping role in making your life better. However, all things being equal, you’d be happier if you have more money than if you were broke. However, money cannot give you 100% happiness, but it’ll definitely make your life happier. More so, being happy makes you more free-spirited to create wealth. Hence, there is no point trading one for the other. Enjoy your life, be happy, make yourself happy, make money and make more money, live and have fun. You deserve all!

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3 Money Lessons Heartbreaks Can Teach You; Ladies ONLY!

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Love is beautiful and loving someone is even more beautiful! You have someone to share your day with, midnight chats/calls, dates etc. You get to explore the five love languages with that person and the likes. Also, you feel secured around this person. You can give your life to this person and vice versa. Promises made. Romantic sayings and expressions were shared. Emotions transfered. Hearts connected. You are in LOVE. Suddenly, this person changes and you realize that all his promises were empty. ALAS! he left you, for somebody else, or maybe worse, he cheated on you and lied about it or whatever it was. In short, he broke your heart!

Unfortunately, this leads to feelings of regret, remorse, anger, revenge, depression, frustration… and even worse, depending on how much you had committed your heart, body, and resources to this doomed relationship. Wait, before we continue. This is not a “how to survive heartbreak” or a “how to get back my man” or the likes post. So I won’t be diving into the complexities attached to the matters of love and relationships here. The focus of this article is to call your attention to the money-related lessons you can learn from heartbreaks, especially as a Lady (Guys, leave here now! go and read another post. LOL). That said, let us proceed. 


Some ladies after a heartbreak, go totally broke. Here is an example. There was this lady who was in a relationship not just for love but also for the money. Her guy was her main source of income (Yeah, she practically lives on the guy’s money). The guy was willing to spend on her as long as she was willing to spend the weekend with him. Either way, both parties were spending something. He gave her massive money for her upkeep, got her a car and anything she wanted as long as she would keep spending the weekend with him! She was ready to give him sex every weekend. Interestingly, the beautiful damsel totally fell in love. Unfortunately, this cruise of love would soon end abruptly. The relationship continued for about a year, and then suddenly, the guy gave her a quit notice. That was it. Her lovely heart was shattered, alongside her financial life!

You or a close friend, associate, colleague must have experienced something similar or even worse.

My concern here, however, is to draw out few financially related lessons you could pick from such experiences. Please note, not all heartbreak experiences teach something about money. However, many do.

Lesson 1: Independence

First lesson; independence. As a lady, learn to be self-dependent. In our contemporary world, young men do not want a lady who is a liability, who helps him spend more money than he is earning. Don’t blame him, if he does not value or respect you. You made yourself a puppet by always demanding him to spend. Hence, he can choose to leave you anytime for another.

Moreover, no man wants a lady who cannot afford to buy basic necessities, e.g. underwears. So, the point is, build yourself. While he takes care of you, take you out and spend on you, you also earn his respect in your ability to sometimes say no to his “gifts or giveaways”. A man values you when he sees that you are also sourcing to make ends meet on your own end.

How to be independent…

Firstly, becoming an independent lady begins with your MINDSET. Stop seeing your relationship as an employment opportunity where you get paid. It isn’t an entitlement. Both parties have a responsibility to commit resources (money inclusive) towards one another. Secondly, discover yourself and find your passion. Thirdly, acquire a skill or get a job. Keep building and adding value to yourself. When your man sees that you are an asset, he would hardly be able to let you go. So dear lady, build on your intellect, come up with massive business ideas for yourself and even your man, help him manage his spending. A state of independence would not only command respect for you in the relationship, it would also increase your worth, and as a result, boost your self-esteem.

Lesson 2: Invest 

Furthermore, invest! Don’t lavish. In the scenario above, the guy collected the assets (e.g. the car) he bought for her. If she had been smart, she would have invested some of the money the guy was giving her. Alas! She wasn’t! She had no savings or investment plan, she lavished all her “income” on clothes and parties. Also, she did not build herself or anything close to it. She is now smarter now (smiles).

Lesson 3: Don’t let anyone take advantage of you

The first two lessons apply to ladies who are not financially smart. This particular lesson applies to ladies who have made great efforts in their finances. They are financially independent and strong also. Unfortunately, they lavished their hard-earned money on their “soul mates”. Many of such ladies do so, as a result of a desperate need for “LOVE”, while some simply because they are naive. For some, her “Mr Right” never loved her. He was there because of her money. She did not realise this until it was too late. Only a few lucky ones, who realised it early, escaped the disaster. But for most ladies in this category, the deed had been done. The precious heart has been knocked into pieces.

It is fine to spend on your man but doing the spending alone is not ideal. Be sure he is also committed to this “LOVE affair” as much as you are. Take precautions. Don’t overspend. Do not allow him to take adavantage of you.

In conclusion, as much as you can, avoid heartbreak. And if eventually, it happened to you, pick your lessons, get help and move on, love again – to love is beautiful. Moreover, don’t forget to be independent, invest in yourself, open your eyes, be smart! 

However, if you choose not to follow the lessons, who am I to stop you? We can do anything for LOVE right? Smiles

Did I leave anything behind? Please comment below. Gracias!

3 Uncommon Ways You Can Create Multiple Streams Of Income

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Often times, I get questions from persons asking me how they can make more money in addition to their regular income. That is, they want to know how to have more than one source of income. I’d bet that you have the same or related question, otherwise, you won’t be reading this. Everybody (including you and I) wants to make more money right? I have good news for you. Making a side income is as simple as ABC, provided you are ready to give it what it takes.

Having multiple streams of income means you have different sources of income which flow simultaneously. So, in addition to the money you make regularly from your job, you also make extra dough from side hustles, which can be a small business or a part-time job. You don’t want your eggs in one basket. Unfortunately, you are clueless about how to go about this. This article is for you! Warning! This is not a get-rich-quick strategy. If you want to make more money, you must be ready to put in some work, real work! And give it time to yield results, which you will definitely enjoy.


…creating multiple streams of income requires that you deliberately seek for income-producing opportunities around you and grab them.

We all want to make money, yes I know, but the question is, are we willing to go the extra mile to harness opportunities around us? Depending on a single means of income is not ideal. What happens to you when this SINGLE source gets blocked (which mostly happens), temporarily or permanently? How would you survive? Would you go out to the streets to beg? You wouldn’t want that right? Definitely not!

Everyone needs a side hustle, whether as a student, graduate, banker, a teacher or a hairdresser. We all need a side hustle; something to fall back on from time to time. Relying on a 9-5 (for many Nigerians, it is actually 7-7, for some, it is 8-5, or 8-6, for many Lagosians, it is 5-9! CRAZY!) job to pay all your bills, and sponsor the life of your dreams is definitely not enough. Maybe it is for you though, but not for me. Hence, it is important that you have an eye sighted for income-generating opportunities around you, NOW more than EVER!

Before I move on, let me quickly highlight few advantages of creating multiple income streams:

Be your own boss

For a side business, you get to be your own boss and be answerable to nobody. It pushes you to be more creative, boosts your self-confidence and hence gives you increased self-esteem.

Enjoying what you do

Most people hardly enjoy their regular jobs. On the other hand, side hustles give you the opportunity to do what you enjoy doing, and make more money in the process.

Financial Freedom

Your best bet to becoming financially free is by having multiple income streams.

Wealth Creation

This is a sequel to the point on Financial freedom. The principle of creating long-lasting wealth does not work without the act and art of multiple income generation.

Having said the aforementioned, there are numerous ways to create multiple streams of income for yourself. Some of which are obvious, while many, on the other hand, aren’t that obvious; hence, “uncommon”. I want to show you 3 of such “uncommon” ways.

Okay let’s go!

1.  Teaching (NOT the regular kind)

The first method is to teach something. I don’t mean you must be a professional teacher or have a good command of English before you launch out, NO. There are lots of amazing stuff you probably know (well), and that you could teach others (friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers). For instance, can you play the drums or other string instruments well? Start from there! Advertise yourself to your immediate environment or look for musical schools that are in need of your skills and enrol there. What about school subjects like Mathematics, English, etc.? Parents are always in need of home lesson teachers to help their kids. You can locate one and get paid for your services.

You can also sell yourself online. Start a class e.g. a graphics design. If you’re good with designing with smartphones, get people to sign up for the training and before you know it, money starts flowing into your account effortlessly.

What can you do differently? For instance, Do you have a special ‘secret’ strategy to cooking rice, which makes it taste uniquely awesome? Who says you can’t monetize it. It can be a new way of doing what everyone can do, knowledge, a skill… The list is endless. All you need to do is to find out if there is a demand for this knowledge or information or skill or whatever, and ensure it is what you love doing. Teaching is more fun when you are teaching what you love doing.

2. What about freelancing?

Freelancing is simply selling your services to employers without a long term contract. Self-employment is fast becoming the real deal these days. There are a lot of freelance websites such are Fiverr and Upwork where one can get opportunities to work for clients and get paid. You can decide to browse through these sites to check works that suit your fancy. Writing, graphics design, web design, programming, app development are examples of jobs one can find online.  Build a good relationship with your clients whilst working for them and get paid.

By the way, if you love writing and you can do it beautifully well, you can freelance for NgMoneyseries as a Scribe and make lots of cash weekly!

3. Create a Blog

What are you passionate about? Cars?  Apps? Fashion?  Why don’t you create your own website and start writing passionately about these things and more that catch your fancy? Now I know blogs are not that simple to create and run, It requires a lot of hard work but you can get help for free with other tools like WordPress and Wix.  Just put up quality contents about your area of interest and keep doing it on a regular basis.

Once you’re able to get your feet on the ground, you take it a step further by making money from it. How? You can choose to sell your own products or earn a certain commission by promoting another company’s product or service (affiliate marketing), you can also make money off your blog by selling eBooks or other digital products.

Creating streams of income is no lazy man’s work. It requires that you put every part of your being into it if you want to reap the benefits. So let’s get to work! Read this article again, identify your area of interest and get something done.

If you learnt something from this piece, do let me know. I look forward to reading your comments below.

Google Chrome Web Browser


3 min read
Google Chrome Web Browser

The Chrome Browser

Chrome browser is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows. It was later ported to Linux, macOS, ios and android. At first, Google CEO Eric Schmidt opposed its development but after co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, hired web developers that built a chrome browser model, he became convinced. At first, chrome’s story is not that of success. However, with subsequent developments, it has become one of the most commonly used, trusted and fastest browsers.

Chrome browser permits users to harmonize their bookmarks, history and settings across devices by transferring and collecting data with a chosen Google account. This sequentially updates all signed-in instances of Chrome. Google chrome offers some mind-blowing features such as; built-in ad featuring system, password management, incognito mode, user tracking concern, voice recognition, speed, stability etc. At inception, the Chrome browser was just like other ordinary browsers. However, several progressive steps shot them from mediocre to quality. If you have the intention of making more money, this article should interest you. Why? Because I want to share a few lessons the chrome browser is trying to teach you about money.

My Money Lessons

Foremost, a money habit that every service provider should adopt is the habit of Knowing. What does this imply? It implies that every service provider who wants to make more money should know their customers. To know them is to know basic details such as their names.., and also private issues like their interest, hobbies etc. It is noteworthy that at first, Chrome was just like any other browser that people visited in order to access websites after which they left immediately. But after a while, Chrome made some interesting changes. One of such was the need for its users to be signed in with their Google account. Impressive!

My Customers, My Friends

Consequently, Knowing afforded Chrome the opportunity to get substantial information on their users. Chrome extended a hand of “friendship” to its users by trying to know them. So like the chrome browser, business owners should present efforts to know their clients or those who are at the receiving end of the kind of services they offer. The more you know them, the better because knowing them will help you present choices that suit their needs. 

Speaking about presenting choices that suite needs, Chrome keeps your browsing history. It suggests pages that you have visited and pages you might also be interested in visiting. Knowing your customers will help you keep tracks of their interest. This is another lesson from Chrome. It keeps track of users’ interest even without bookmarking. What does keeping track do? It promotes a sense of noticeability in your customers’ mind. The result of this is an improvement in the customer’s satisfaction level and also an increase in the reliability of your business. Consequently, you will experience an increase in revenue because they (customers) will possess a mental feeling of positivity and comfort towards your business. If you know your customers, prove it to them that you do by presenting several choices of their interests so that they’d be able to make informed decisions. This is the lesson of Tracking.

The Chrome Business and my Business

With different sites creating their own password pattern system, remembering your numerous passwords can be a difficult thing to do. Hence, the comfort of having a password management system. Also, consider the voice recognition option where you can speak to your Chrome browser instead of typing.  Do you see how Chrome is making using the browser comfortable? The last money lesson to consider from the google chrome browser is the lesson of Comfort Creation. Chrome has several features that are aimed at making life easier for its users. See the examples given at the beginning of this paragraph; don’t they strike you as “life made easier”? 

Ask yourself this question: What kind of service am I offering and what am I doing in order to create comfort for my users/clients/customers? There is profitability in providing comfort. You want to make more money and avoid losing money? Create comfort! For instance, if you own a cake and confectionery shop where you bake all sizes and flavours of cake, adding the delivery option to your package for a reasonable amount will save your customers the stress of having to pick up their purchased products. Thus, adding to your own income. So as business owners with the intent of making wealth, pay attention to the comfort of your buyers.

Conclusively, if one must make wealth, one must learn how to make it. Like the Chrome browser teaches, constant developmental steps will lead to great increase if effectively executed. Promote your business, watch out for your customers. Because, without them, money cannot be made. They are at the receiving end of the service(s) you offer; learn several ways to satisfy their numerous wants.