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Poverty is as real as Wealth. Likewise, to die poor is as much a reality as living rich! Many had died poor – good, loving, hospitable, nice, innocent, and godly people! And many more will die poor! On the other hand, many enjoyed a life full of abundance – “good” as well as “bad” people. Regardless of how godly or ungodly you are, you will either die as a RICH Man or POOR Man.


Sadly, the reasons why many died poor are STUPID. Just like the Law of cause and effect says, for every effect/eventuality, there is an underlying cause/reason; there are reasons why anyone would end up a POOR man at death; some of which are VERY STUPID.

“Stupid” because they are OBVIOUS to everyone (maybe not really). That is, you know them. Anyway, let me assume that you don’t, I’d highlighted THREE, and ONE of them will make YOU RICH.

1. Ignorance

Money does not function based on superstition or traditions. Rather it respects principles. Money is like chess – not everyone knows how to play it. You might be curious about the game but your curiosity alone would not make you a champion. You might even know how to play the game but if you do not follow the rules, you would be beaten every time.

The first advantage a rich man has is knowledge. The rich man knows and understands money. He knows the principles to apply when dealing with money, the dos and don’ts. The rich are not ignorant about money. If you are ignorant and you choose to remain so, then you can not escape poverty.

So when you wonder why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, I want you to remember that maybe they know something you don’t. Because they actually do.

White Paper With Note

2. Procrastination

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today because if you enjoy it today, you can do it again tomorrow.”

James A. Michener

It is very stupid to procrastinate your wealth. Yet, many do this unconsciously. It is absurd to believe that “money will just come to you”. Spoiler alert! Money will not come if you do not pursue it. It will not come because you wished, or prayed.

You might ask “how is it possible that there is such a thing as procrastination with money?” Good question. Decisions like; “I will work on my idea tomorrow”, “I will quit my annoying 8-5 later”, “I will start my business later”, “I will invest next year”, “I will start learning new money-making skills next 5 years”, and so on.

You are procrastinating your financial freedom. Why not DO IT NOW?! Procrastination is not just a thief of time but of money too. START NOW! It does not have to be perfect, just start.

“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.”

Alexander Graham Bell

3. Failure To Plan

Failure to plan will lead to poverty.


People don’t just wake up one day and, boom! suddenly become millionaires. NO! It is DELIBERATE! Making millions does not happen without PLANNING. Without a plan, you can not be rich. Simple. We often tend to forget how important it is to plan FINANCIALLY.

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How Financial Planning Will Make You Rich

Wealth creation is like getting good grades in school – it doesn’t just happen. From the beginning of the semester, a student who would get good grades would have a plan. Such as; s/he gets a study partner or joins a study group, purchases his textbooks, schedules his time, studies hard etc. At the end of the semester, it’s no surprise if he does get the desired grades. Because he had a plan and followed it.

Financial planning helps you determine your short and long-term financial goals and create a balanced plan to meet those goals.

Every rich man understands that the world is changing. Robert Kiyosaki said “the world is changing and ‘change’ is changing. A thousand years ago you could live to 100 and nothing would change. Today every ten years, everything is changing”.

So if you do not plan for the future, don’t blame anyone for an undesired outcome. If you don’t plan for a rich future, you will never have one. Financial freedom is planned and worked for.

It is up to you to create your own future. To Die Poor or RICH? Your choice.

These 5 Things About Bill Gates Are Hard to Believe, but Actually Make  Total Sense |


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These 5 Things About Bill Gates Are Hard to Believe, but Actually Make  Total Sense |

Who is Bill Gates? Who doesn’t know…?

The name Bill Gates is a very popular name; the richest man in the world. He was born in Seattle, Washington, on October 28, 1955. An American businessperson, software developer, and philanthropist. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs and pioneers of the microcomputer revolution of the 70s and 80s. Together with his childhood friend, Paul Allen, he co-founded Microsoft which ended up later as the largest personal computer software company.

Since 1987, he got included in the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people from 1995 to 201. In October 2017, he was surpassed by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who had an estimated net worth of US$90.6 billion compared to Gates’ net worth of US$89.9 billion at the time.

Bill Gates life is interesting and fully packed with many lessons for young adults who desire to be rich. Let’s take a look at a few money lessons from the life of Bill Gates.

People are Money

In a Netflix series interview, Bill Gates is asked the question; “What was the worst day of your life?” Gates a very composed and reserved man who seems at ease answering all sorts of questions, takes this one a little different. He squints, looks down and appears to be thinking, but not really. Then he hesitantly speaks; “The day my mother died.”  

One would have expected that Brainy Bills would pick a more “money” scenario but his choice highlights a truth that has unfortunately been ignored over the years. Money flows through people; the people you meet, the people you miss, the people you love and even the people you hate. 

Money flows through people; the people you meet, the people you miss, the people you love and even the people you hate. 

People die; whether your favourite people or not favourite people. Some of them will die before you do and nothing will ever bring them back. Every one of us has limited time. But when it comes to making people’s time here count, we might have even less. Gates reminds me of the fact that people and money are two inseparable variables.

Take bold steps

Do you know that Microsoft’s big breakthrough came from Bill Gates telling a white lie? In 1975, Bill and his childhood programming buddy, Paul Allen, were looking for a way to turn their shared computer hobby into a career. So, Bill called up a computer company called MITS and told them that they had created a BASIC interpreter for their microcomputer, the Altair 8800. Of course, MITS was interested in seeing a demonstration of the software but the problem was that the software existed nowhere. Hurriedly, they developed one and luckily were able to make the sale. One month later, Microsoft was founded.

Roy Ash, co-founder of Litton Industries said: “An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it.” When you push yourself to deliver more than you’re known for you’ll go further, faster in your business ventures and increase in your business is an increase in your profit. More profit, more “money”.

By the way, I’m not asking you to lie to your potential clients.

Do your Ideas; Don’t Talk too Much

There was a time in the early 8o’s when Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer travelled around the country teaching about how graphic interfaces were the operating systems of the future. Unfortunately, nobody believed them, even computer companies! They told them that graphic interfaces would be too slow and difficult to write the software for them. In fact, when Microsoft announced in 1983 that it was developing Windows, there was no enthusiasm for them.

However, in 1984 when Apple launched the Macintosh, attitudes changed. This was the first commercially successful computer with a graphical user interface (GUI). Microsoft was able to release Windows 1.0 in 1985, just a year after the Mac’s success because they had actually started developing the software two years earlier.

Own your ideas and do them whether people get it or not. Great ideas have died because people did not believe in them. Don’t be a victim of that. Whether or not people see you as crazy, it is better to start developing it now so that you’ll be prepared to launch out when the time is right and time and chance falls in place.

Tiny Drops of Water Makes a Mighty Ocean

There is nothing that was overnight

Bill Gates

Perhaps, you think that Windows 1.0 was a huge success? Let me tell you, it wasn’t, neither was Windows 2.0 too. It wasn’t until 1990, when Microsoft launched Windows 3.0, that they made a significant success. This success was a big moneymaker for the company and it sold over 10 million units in just two years. Now, you don’t need me to tell you how much breakthrough Microsoft has had and how much money it has fetched Bill.

Nothing comes overnight. Don’t give up on your ideas. When you start and do not get the first outcome you have expected, put in effort into identifying and solving the problem until you eventually breakthrough. Forget all the get-rich-quick schemes and phoney investing advice you hear. It takes continuous tiny drops of water to form a mighty ocean. Focus on hard work and long-haul investing. 


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Make Money Faster

Having more than enough money to spend is a lifelong dream. Everyone wants to MAKE MONEY, and make it FAST! We do not just need money at a steady pace, we need it fast! We use money everyday, and for many things, which is why people work so hard for it.

Unfortunately, for many, they work more than they earn. For some, the money isn’t available to use. As a result, many are seeking for means to make money as fast as they need it. Being broke is not fun at all! So I’m going to be sharing seven easy ways to make money faster.

Falling euro coins. Symbol of wealth, accumulation or fall of the market, inflation and so on. Close-up. Falling euro coins. Symbol of wealth, accumulation or fall of the market, inflation and so on. Close-up. Analyzing Stock Photo
Make Money fast

1. Become A Middleman

There is something called “Value Chain” in business. It is a business model that describes the full range of activities involved in creating a product or a service. Business and commerce go beyond bringing produce to the market and selling them. There is more involved. And in-between buying and selling is the middleman. Otherwise called a Third Party Associate (TPA) or in more casual terms, a connector.

There are millions of buyers and sellers of goods and services who are looking to buy or sell everyday. A great way to profit from a global market is to be a connector. You get to benefit from every sale without actually selling or buying anything. 

2. Sell Value

Everyone wants everything easy. And if you are a provider of value, the benefits are limitless because people pay for value. However, one of the ways you could sell value is by having a larger access to the market. Let it be that people have to come to you to get what they want. Value is on high demand anytime of the year which means a seller of value counts money faster than you can imagine. It doesn’t even have to be what you can do, it could be what you can outsource. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is quite underrated which gives people who are into it an advantage. So if you have commendable online presence, then affiliate marketing is practically calling you. Social media is an excellent tool for this. It gives you access to a wide range of people. Influencers make their money from likes, followers and hashtags. Bloggers and website owners make their money from streams and marketing. But the good thing about affiliate marketing is that it is easy. Imagine being paid for posting about a product that you don’t even have to use; great, right? Now affiliate marketing is simply allowing people use your website or your page or your account to market their goods. This works so much better when you already have authority on the internet. The work is pretty much done for you and you get paid for each and every advert. 

4. Commercialize Your Skill

Your skills can bring you money too. It doesn’t make sense to be skilled and to be broke. You don’t acquire a skill or hone a talent just to shelf it. Everybody is good at something and no one is a Jack of ALL trades. Which means there is a consumer that needs your skill. Start earning from what you can do. If you have developed your skill, you can make money faster from it. Start with selling to friends and family, spread to your neighborhood. Soon, if the skill is in demand, you are excellent at it, and you are good at selling, you would have national to international customers. Like I said earlier, people would pay for value. So if you can do something well, commercialize it.

5. Develop A Remote Skill

Having multiple streams of income is the pathway to wealth. Some of us know this and are eager to have a passive income or a side gig but we struggle with time and presence. The good news is that you needn’t be worried – you don’t have to be present anymore. If for example, you work 8-5 at an insurance company. There is really no time to be somewhere else. Which is why you need to develop a remote skill. Something you can do without your active presence in a restricted environment. Working online is a great way to do this. But the benefits are not just centered on saving time and energy. You have easy and faster access to international clients. Lots of people have great skills but they can’t sell them remotely. A remote skill brings fast money and it is pretty much stress free.

6. Diversify

In finances, make sure you spread your tentacles. Do not be limited to one thing. Diversify. Be it in investing or in selling, be sure to have more than one source. For instance, committing to the stock market alone is a huge risk. If you do not understand the market well, you can suffer massive losses. However, say you are invested in the stock market and crypto currency or maybe freelancing, a loss in the stock market would not leave you stranded.

7. Sell Consumable Products

Whether it is a product or a service you are selling, make sure it is consumable – things that people need. You could be a seller of something uncommon but needed. For every product, there is a buyer. The food market is one of the best markets to apply this trick. Everybody eats everyday. The local booker makes thousands everyday. The hair stylist has jobs everyday. The fuel station sells gas everyday. My point is whatever you sell, let it be consumable and you would make more way faster than you can imagine.

You need Technology

In all this, one thing is very much needed and that is technology. So if you do not know how to leverage on technology, you would not be able to do any of these.

In conclusion, making easy and fast money is not fast and easy. That is, it requires hard work, smart work, diligence and patience. It takes time. But, it is possible. With this in mind, get up and go make some fast money!

Unforgivable sins of money


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Unforgivable sins of money

Money is like a god, who does not forgive those who disobey its rules. Do you want to be rich, very rich? Do not commit any of these money sins! They are unforgivable! If you are doing any of them already, STOP NOW. Because if you don’t stop, you’ll never be rich. Yeah, it is that serious. DON’T DO IT! STOP DOING IT! Money will punish you by running away from you when it smells that you do any of these UNFORGIVABLE SINS.

1. Envy

Money frowns at envy! Aristotle defined envy as pain at the sight of another’s good fortune. Money automatically disappears from your purse when you envy rich people. To envy rich people is to resent wealth, to hate money.

However, there is a GOOD kind of Envy, a.k.a. Desire to also have the good things that others have. This comes with appreciation and joy for the person who has the possession, not anger, resentment or bad wish. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill teaches that you will surely have what you desire, crave for. This applies to money also.

2. Wrong Relationships

Wealth creation is like a building project and every building requires a solid foundation and strong pillars. Relationships are one of the key pillars of wealth creation. Your closest relationship can either make or mar you.

Money dissociates from a certain kind of people. When you associate with the same category of people, automatically, money will dissociate itself from you. It’s that simple.

Network with people who attract and can control money.

Wrong relationship is one of the unforgivable sins of money!

3. Laziness


Holy Bible

Life is based on principles. Money respects principles. You can afford to be lazy with anything but not with money.

Rich men are not lazy. They detest laziness. Money detests laziness too.

Money-Laziness is not only seen in how you work for money, but also in how you think about money and what you know about money.

The reason why many are poor today is because they are too lazy to learn the right information about money. They are tooooo lazy to cultivate the right money mindset.

Money-Laziness is not only seen in how you work for money, but also in how you think about money and what you know about money.

4. Carelessness

Money abhors carelessness. If you are careless with money, money will run away from you. Many are careless in how they handle money; in savings, in investments, in spending, in how they deal/relate/negotiate with people etc.

Carelessness is an unforgivable sin of money. Don’t be careless with money. Money can feel. When you are careless with money, it gets hurt. You don’t want to hurt your money, do you?

Learn the proper ways to handle money.

5. Disrespect

Do not be swayed, money understands respect. Don’t forget, money can feel. If you disrespect money, you won’t attract it. Money is very valuable. Its worth should not be underrated.

You disrespect money when you choose not to value money. Money flows from those who value it less towards those who value it more. Do not disrespect money. Seek to understand its value.

6. Bad Debts

Many people believe that all debts are bad. Robert Kiyosaki teaches otherwise. He says that there are GOOD Debts, and there are also bad debts. Bad debts are debts used to purchase liabilities and what Rich Dad calls Doodads.

If all the debts you’d accumulated are BAD, then Money will fly away from you.

Learn how to use GOOD debts instead. Good debts are for investments. e.g. Dangote borrowed Billions for his refinery.

7. Not Investing

Money is like a seed that must be planted before it can be multiplied. Money must be invested. If not, it won’t grow. It will never increase.

When you don’t invest. Money fades away from you.

The importance of investing can not be overemphasized. There are several investment vehicles that you can leverage on; businesses, stocks, real estate, bonds etc.

8. Indiscipline

Money detests indiscipline. An impulse purchase, spending without a budget, spending before you earn, accumulation of bad debts, not investing, and many more.

When you are indisciplined with money, Money will evaporate from your pocket fast. Solve that problem of indiscipline ASAP, before it becomes too late!

9. Ignorance

Ignorance has no excuse when it comes to Money. Poor people are poor and will remain poor because of ignorance, except they decide to KNOW, to be EDUCATED – FINANCIALLY.

Ignorance does not only mean lack of knowledge but also lack of the right knowledge. A major difference between the rich and the poor is WHAT THEY KNOW ABOUT MONEY. What do you know about money?

A major difference between the rich and the poor is WHAT THEY KNOW ABOUT MONEY. What do you know about money?

10. Ingratitude

Ungrateful people are mostly poor people. Money appreciates gratitude. Grateful people are more likely to appreciate the value of money, hence, attract it.

When you are full of ingratitude, you repel Money!

If you’ve been guilty of any of these unforgivable sins of money, my sermon to you today is to STOP SINNING! (Lol)

Silver and Gold Coins


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Silver and Gold Coins

We function best in areas that we are skilled at. It takes a “foundation of working knowledge” to maximize potential. So knowledge is strength, even in wealth creation. Do you KNOW MONEY?

Money isn’t a subject taught in school but it is an essential part of our lives. Be ignorant about money at your own peril – poverty! If you want to command lots of money to your purse on a daily, you need to have the proper knowledge about MONEY. What is money? How does it behave?

Below are a few key things about money that you should know.

1. Money Is Not Evil!

Isn’t it though? Of course not! Money is in no way evil. Just think about it for one minute. What is money and what makes it evil? Well, money is “a commodity accepted by general consent as a medium of economic exchange” ( So does that sound evil to you? I bet it doesn’t. I see people shy away from money talks because they believe “money is evil.” Well, such beliefs would only hold you down, make you poor.

First things first; know that MONEY is NOT EVIL. 

2. Money Does Not Change People

Some people believe that because money is evil, it would make them evil. Now that you know that money is not evil, you should also know that money does not change people. It practically amplifies who you already are because money affords you expression. Money empowers you to express YOU; in your dressing, friends you keep, how you talk, etc. Just like giving a gun to someone with the intention to kill. If you want to do bad, Money won’t make you good. Rather, it will amplify that “badness” in you. And vice versa.

3. Money  Does Not Discriminate

Money doesn’t dictate who their owners must be. Also, money is not restricted to race or gender or social background. Money is for everyone. It is used by everyone and can be owned by anyone.

You are not broke because money hates/despises you. No! It’s simply because you have not been attracting enough of it to yourself. That is what you should focus on.

Money is for everyone and anyone, provided they are ready to accrue it to themselves. Money does not care if you are corrupt, wicked, a killer, ritualist or terrorist. IT DOESN’T CARE!

There are rules of MONEY! Know them and obey them. You will have more than enough!

4. Money Is Not Free

You know this already. MONEY IS NOT FREE.

It comes at a cost. Money is owned by those who can pay for it. The higher you are willing to pay, the more money you would have. An employee pays his time, energy, knowledge to his employer; and receives money as wages/salary. You have to trade something for money.

5. Money Understands Respect

Do you know that “people who don’t respect money, don’t have any”? Yes, because money understands respect. If you respect money, it will respect you. Remember that saying “respect is reciprocal”? This ap[plies to Money too. Respect Money and it will respect you in return.


Paul J. Getty

Respect, to mean, respect the principles of money.

6. Money Is Attracted By Value

Money is a means of value exchange. It flows from a position of lower value to a position of higher value. Also, Money flows from those who value it less, towards those who value it more. Do you want to have more money? Create value, and money will flow to you.

The more value you create, the more money you would attract to yourself.

Bill Gates created Microsoft. Mark Created Facebook. Dangote produces cement, sugar, flour, salt, and now a refinery. Jeff created Amazon. What is common among these guys? They have LOTS OF MONEY!

7. Money And Happiness Are Mutually Exclusive

You can be happy and be poor. You can be rich and be happy too. There are poor unhappy people, rich unhappy people, as well as, poor happy people and rich happy people.

Money and Happiness are independent of each other.

All things being equal, however, a rich man is happier than a poor man. Money brings happiness, but money alone cannot bring all the happiness you need. Moreso, money allows you to afford and have time for the things that bring happiness in life; family, doing the things you love etc.

8. Money Will Always Be Relevant

It doesn’t matter how you feel about money right now. Money will always be relevant. Money will always be an important topic to discuss and an essential part of our lives. Whether it is represented with Fiat (paper) currency, digital currency, gold or silver. It will always be relevant.

In conclusion; remember to “focus on learning the true value of money and how to be responsible for your own” -Matthew Walker.


Matthew Walker

Until you learn, you will not understand.

Man Working Using A Laptop


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Man Working Using A Laptop

Everyone faces money challenges. Irrespective of your societal status, whether you are a salary earner, business owner, student, or fresh graduate, you’ll face different money challenges per time. Your net worth would definitely influence the type of money challenge you’d face. If you are rich, you will never have some money problems.

Either rich or poor, I’d like to share few tips with you on how to handle every money challenge.

Be Honest

Yes, honesty. I’m amazed at how people lie to themselves (and key parties) about their financial problems. Why? I noticed it’s becase many aren’t willing to admit the problem. So, they’d cover it up (even to themselves!). If you hope to fix any problem, you have to be willing to first admit there is a problem in the first place. Be honest to yourself.

Be Accountable

Honesty works best with accountability. Don’t stop at telling yourself or others the truth. You have to be accountable too. Accountability goes a long way in handling money challenges. Be accountable with expenses, income, assets, liabilities and investments. Take records of these things. The information will help you to effectively handle money challenges. It also helps to avoid some.

You should have personal financial statements, budgets, financial plan, and financial tracker. You don’t need a degree in accounting to know how to create simpler versions of these things.

Identify The Problem

When the challenge does come, you need to be able to identify the cause of the problem. Don’t go into a panic when things aren’t working the way you’d expected. Problems come and go. You’re never going to be without challenges especially with money. So, learn to identify them. When you do, it becomes very easy to solve.

Be Positive

Our state of mind literally affects all that we do. Be positive about money, resources and yes, challenges. 99% of the time, challenges make us better. Few people are fortunate enough to have good experiences with money. Be grateful for what you have. Think “half full” instead of “half empty”.

Positivity, or optimism, channels good energy through your mind, to you and to your actions, which eventually, enables you to identify solutions to your problems easily. Always be positive.

Don’t fight a battle you cannot win

Some problems are simply “unsolvable”. Some challenges seem “undeafeateable”. No matter what you do, you cannot control or change it. For instance, you cannot really undo all the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, even if you do, you cannot go back in time and undo the pandemic itself. It has happened. Period. It will be unwise to try to change or control such. Your efforts will be fruitless, it is like fighting a battle you’ll never win.

So instead of trying to change the unchangeable or controlling the uncontrollable, flow with the new tide. Adapt. Evolve. Survive. Thrive.

In conclusion…

The journey of Life (hence, money) is not without a few bumps and potholes on the road. However, you can thrive amidst all.

Inheritance Scams are Evolving - Know What To Look For! | Aspire Federal  Credit Union


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Inheritance Scams are Evolving - Know What To Look For! | Aspire Federal  Credit Union
Image Credit: Aspire Federal Credit Union


Everyone would love to be rich. To make more money and travel and be financially free. What we know about money determines how much of it we attract to ourselves.

Money is what everyone usually has one or two things to say about. As a result, just like every general subject matter, there are misconceptions/heresies/myths/lies/half-truths being peddled around about money. Many of which you religiously hold on to.

Below are a few of such conventional money lies that you were told and probably believe.

1. Wanting More Money Makes You Greedy

Many believe that wanting more money is WRONG. Hence, to them, the desire to make more money is defined as GREED. Unfortunately, money does not come to those who do not want it. You’d have money to the degree you desire it. So, to be RICH, you’d have to be “GREEDY”! YES, the rich are “greedy”. It takes a certain level of “greed” to be wealthy.

Picture this: you are a man with a house of your own and a good-paying job. You are pursuing a career of your choice. Also, you have enough to eat and to drink. You can afford to vacate frequently but you are not a MILLIONAIRE yet and you desire to be. Isn’t it greed to want more after you have enough? It is, right? But in this case, it is good greed. You have to be greedy to some extent to be rich; to pursue after certain financial goals. The rich get richer because they look for more ways to be richer. In other words, they weere GREEDY.

2. Investing Is For The Rich

Remember I just wrote that “the rich get richer because they look for more ways to be richer.” Well, investing is one of those ways. Investing is for THOSE who want to CREATE WEALTH. The RICH knows this. You can’t be financially free without investments. If you are waiting to be rich before you start investing, you’ll never be rich!

3. I Need To Be Lucky

“I need to be lucky because money is based on luck.” No, no, no!

An instance, there is this boy in your class who doesn’t read so much but he gets all A’s every time. Will you call that boy lucky? Yes, we’d say such a person is lucky. Whereas, this same boy reads every 2 am to 5 am, every day. He studied HARD!

Bishop Oyedepo, one of the wealthiest Nigeria Preachers, says that;

If you are as WORKY as I am, then you’ll be as LUCKY as I am.

Bishop David Oyedepo


Now you understand why the RICH are LUCKY! ALWAYS LUCKY!

4. I Have To Save More To Be Rich

First of all, savings can not make you rich. It is a great financial practice to save. But do not save in hopes of getting rich. We all know how bank interests work these days. The little tens of naira here and there that is added to your deposit would not, and CAN NEVER make you a rich man! So NO! you don’t need to save more to be rich. You need to invest more. Savings are good for emergencies and retirement, and as a starting point, but definitely not enough for WEALTH CREATION.

5. Money Will Change Who I Am

“Money will make me bad or proud or evil or greedy or rude…”

Will it though? No, it will not. Money doesn’t change people. People are who they are, not who money made them become. Just think about it, can money really change someone or does it just reveal who they already are. The rich man’s life is more open than the poor man’s. So you see a rich man who is immoral and proud, you feel like you should not be rich because you don’t want to end up like him. If you are not immoral and proud already, you won’t be when you are rich. It is that simple. 

On the other hand, if you’re a good person to the core… MONEY WILL AMPLIFY that GOODNESS in YOU, not suppress it!

6. Money Is Just A Currency

Money is not a currency, never has, never will be. Money is a generally accepted means of exchange that is given to reward value. Hence, Money is a commodity, not a currency. Which means money will never lose value. It will merely evolve. From “yam for rice” exchange to “paper currency for goods and services” and we are seeing paper currency give way for digital currency gradually. I hope you get the picture. Money will always be there with its relevance intact. So if you are not bothered about your finances then you’d lose. If you are underrating money, you’d soon be surprised to realize money is really not going to go away.

7. Money Is Not Enough

Like I said, money is not going to go away. It will keep evolving and evolving. Which means there is always going to be enough money. Money is not secluded to a tribe or a race. When people spend money, they pay for value. There is always going to be goods to sell and services to render, hence there is always going to be enough money. The distribution may fluctuate but money can not get exhausted.

8. I Don’t Need A Passive Income

Yeah, it is true that you don’t really need passive income to live a comfortable, or maybe, rich life.

It is FALSE, however, to believe that you can be financially free WITHOUT passive income. There is no Financial FREEDOM without A continuous flow of PASSIVE INCOME stream.

Passive Income is income made without doing any active work. It is the kind of money you make while sleeping. The kind Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg etc. make every second, without having to do any work to get it. The kind you make from active investments and businesses working for you. That is how you gain financial freedom. Increase the amount of passive income you make.

9. All Debts Are Bad

Most people do not know that debt can be a useful tool. There are GOOD Debts. There are also BAD Debts. Debts accrued for things that do not bring money to your pocket, in other words, liabilities and doodads, are BAD! While Debts accrued to acquire assets, things that bring in more money, e.g. businesses, investments etc are GOOD, VERY GOOD!

To build his new refinery, Dangote accrued BILLIONS OF NAIRA OF DEBTS, GOOD DEBTS! As a matter of fact, the banks were “queuing” to HAPPILY LEND Dangote MONEY to build his refinery. INTERESTING!

That’s all I would like to share for now… there are still many more lies we were all told about money.

I believe you know some too. I’d be looking forward to read them in the comment section.

What do you do if you have a gun pointed at you? - Quora


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What do you do if you have a gun pointed at you? - Quora
Image Credit: Quora


You must have heard this question before, at least once…

Just in case you haven’t. To have an idea, picture this scenario.

A bus conveying 24 passengers, is on a journey. The passengers include CEOs, businessmen, other kinds/classes of people, and YOU. On the way, you were attacked by some highway robbers, heavily armed! They are ready to assault and destroy. You could see it in their eyes.

Your vehicle was stopped and you were all ordered to get down, kneel/lie down. WIth AK 47s pointed at you, the leader of the gang shouts, “your money or your life!!” and commanded you to drop all your assets, money, everything!

Those who chose NOT to forgo their belongings (they chose MONEY) were shot and killed right there!

Those who chose to SURRENDER their belongings (chose to LIVE) were SPARED, but with nothing to take home, no money, nothing!

It’s your turn to choose. what would you choose? Would you choose to LIVE or DIE?!

I’m sure that just the sight of a gun pointed to your head will probably make you choose to save your life. But there have been real cases of those who chose their money and ended up losing both their lives and money. Seems foolish right? Well, is it really foolish?

Armed Robbery Stock Photos And Images - 123RF
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Let’s take a look at the implications of choosing your life. Choosing your life means you lose your money; your hard-earned money. You can always earn back what you have lost as long as you have life in you. In fact, some religious folks believe that this is the right option; e.g. choosing God over money. All these arguments are quite valid but for the mindsets that fuel them.

Money is not evil!

Money is not evil neither is loving or wanting to make money evil. Most people choose “LIFE” because, “LIFE” to them means “Being HAPPY”. They feel they have to choose between happinness and money. So they chose to be HAPPY, and discard any thought of being RICH. When this conviction about money is taken to the extreme, it becomes a catalyst for poverty. 

The issue of how much importance money should hold in one’s life is a controversial one. Money is made to seem like it is wrong, evil and meant to be avoided. As a result, rich people are oftentimes insulted and marked out as evil because of their wealth.

The hate talk about money will breed a mindset that would lead to abject poverty. Money is important; money makes life happier, and more fulfilling. It is true that living for a higher purpose other than money is fulfilling but it is wrong to think that having money or being rich would deny you a PURPOSEFUL/FULFILLING/HAPPY life.


I haven’t said so.

In the armed robbery scenario, choosing money might cost you both your life and your money. Choosing money over life is inadvisable. The robbers can kill you and cart away your gold. The basic truth is that no sane robber would expect to hear anyone pick money over life. And anyone who dares choose MONEY would soon knock on heaven’s door seconds after.

Not a good choice, you’d agree.


I guess you are wondering what side I’m on. I’m not writing to take sides.

I’m writing this to point your attention to a bigger reality, which concerns everyone. Not everyone would experience robbery in a lifetime. But definitely, everyone wants MONEY(to be RICH) and also want to live a LIFE of PURPOSE/FULFILLMENT/HAPPINESS (whatever that means to you).

My point is; WHY CHOOSE? When you can have BOTH!

They are mutually exclusive, as much as they are mutually intertwined.

One does not contradict the other, whereas, one can support the other.

You can have LIFE without MONEY and vice versa. However, MONEY makes LIFE more fulfilling, as much as, LIFE gives meaning to the essence of MONEY.

Money can get you all the luxuries on Earth but money alone in itself cannot bring happiness. For emphasis, it is definitely possible to live happily without money but money makes a happy life happier. 

LIVE; live for a higher purpose, live for your passion, live for impact. However, don’t let it be an excuse to be poor. You can be RICH and LIVE your LIFE at the same time.

In addition, it is impossible to totally disconnect money and life.

If you think that living for a higher purpose like living for God, means, YOU CAN NEVER BE RICH; then recall renowned Men of God (e.g. Bishop Oyedepo, Pst. E.A. Adeboye, Pst. Chris Oyakhilome and many more). They are WEALTHY Pastors, living for GOD!

There are also several others who live out their passion and are also very wealthy like; Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Richard Branson and many more. Richard Branson calls it “fun”. He lives happy and enjoys life, and he is STINKINGLY RICH!

In Conclusion…

The relationship between money and life can be likened to the two human eyes. All things being equal, one can function (see clearly) without the other. But when the two are opened. You could SEE MORE CLEARLY, and have a BROADER VIEW.

Again, I’m asking… YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE?

My advice, CHOOSE BOTH!

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The 5 Pillars Of Poverty That You Must Break To Be Rich!

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Rome Broken Columns Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

If you’ve ever asked yourself why the RICH are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; Read this!

A poor person is said to be poor when s/he does not have the financial means and necessities for a minimum standard of living. If your income level is so low that basic human needs cannot be met, the best way to classify you is that you’re poor. 

Slow down a bit… This article isn’t to make you feel less of yourself but to make you mentally equipped.  There’s a common saying that, ‘a problem known is a problem half solved’; this is true. Most mathematics gurus are not gurus because they can solve all mathematics problems but because they know that understanding a mathematical problem is significant in finding solutions to the problems. 

Bottom line is that you cannot solve what you don’t understand… 

Understanding the pillars of Poverty, will give you insight into why you are probably still poor. As a result, find your way out of poverty. 

In this article, I shared the 5 Pillars of Poverty. When you know them, you can easily identify and destroy them in your life, hence, change your status to being RICH! 


Poverty is not just a state of being. It has more to do with the state of your mind. You are poor because you choose to be poor, not necessarily because you have a poor background or because you hail from the poorest country, city, or state.  

What are your thoughts about money? If you still say ‘money is the root of all evil’, you will probably still be poor because you think it’s evil to be rich.

How do you perceive people who are rich? If you still think the rich can’t make heaven, you may still remain poor because such a mind-set will murder the slightest desire you have of becoming rich.

If you are sceptical about taking risks and going out of your comfort zone or you just want to sit at home and expect life to happen to you; you may likely die poor. 

Being rich starts from the mind. Break the pillar of poverty mindset. And you will surely be rich. Step out of your comfort zone and fill your mind with the same stuff the rich fills their minds with. 

If you can think ‘wealth’, you’ll become wealthy; if you think ‘poverty’; you’ll remain poor. That’s just how it works. As a man thinketh, so is he! 


The second pillar of poverty is a poor network.

Who are the people you communicate with? Whose life do you feed on? Who do you listen to? Who do you hang out with? 

Your network determines your net worth. If something isn’t working right in your life, check your network; if you are in the midst of 3 friends who are poor, the 4th poor person is you. If you hang out with 3 friends who have a rich mindset, you are the 4th with a rich mindset. Because their influence will rub on you. Your association eventually becomes you. 

Improve on your network. Connect with the rich, or at the least, people on their way to financial freedom. Stop hanging out with poor people (i.e. those with a Poor mindset).


Most poor people are poor because they never see opportunities in problems. The reason why there are more than a million problems in the world is that there are millions of people built with the ability to solve these problems and go further to monetizing their abilities. This is the secret the rich thrive with… They go in search of problems that they can proffer solutions to, but the poor have a poor attitude towards problems. They constantly run away from problems. 

If you will not remain poor, you have to go in search of problems and deliver solutions. 


The kind of “financial education” most people have is; ‘go to school’, ‘get a white-collar job’, ‘work hard’, ‘earn a salary’ etc. In other words, what they have is financial illiteracy! While going to school is good; unfortunately, schools don’t teach financial education

Schools don’t teach how to make, manage and control money. It is no surprise that so many school graduates, academic scholars and professors are poor. Don’t blame them, the school system was not built to teach people how to be rich. 

If this is your case, there is always time to learn and change your life. START YOUR JOURNEY HERE!


In the Book Midas Touch, by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump… The Authors described F. O. C. U. S. as Follow One Course Until Successful. This implies that you should learn how to divert all your energy to creating sustainable wealth, through the acquisition of sustainable assets that will generate passive income for you for life. That is how to be financially free.

A lot of people are still poor because they have split focus. 

They are not ready for financial freedom. They are distracted by misinformation about making money.

They want to be rich, but are not ready to put in the needed requirements. 

Now that you know these pillars, uproot them today from your life… And take the bold step on YOUR journey to financial freedom. 


50 Euro Banknote Folding on Top of Piled Coins


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50 Euro Banknote Folding on Top of Piled Coins

What Are Money Problems?

Money problems are common to all. There are two broad categories of money problems; the problem of “not enough money” and the problem of “too much money”. The latter is shared by the affluent, while the former by the poor.

Oh well; if you have always been complaining about “not enough money”, then you know where you currently belong. That’s okay. Alright. It’s good you know.

Now, I want to help you solve this menace; maybe not all (as this article will not cover all), but the most prominent underlying cause to why you still have this problem… NOT ENOUGH MONEY, and subsequently, other problems attached to it.

Poor Money Management

Ohh, this got you right? I know. Money is like a tool. If poorly-managed or misused, it would stop working for you. There is the proper “HOW” to manage money. Do you spend more than you earn? Do you regularly buy things that you don’t need? Do you spend without a budget? Do you spend all your money on liabilities, instead of investing it into assets? Do you LACK a financial plan? Are you clueless about how to make your money work for you? If YES to any of these questions…. then…. your are a POOR Money Manager! LEARN how to Manage your Money the right way. 


You need to know how to manage your money wisely! Before I move on to practical steps that you could take, here are few basic things to note about money management.

  • Firstly, you need the proper mindset.
  • Secondly, you need a mentor.
  • Thirdly, you need a financial plan.

Practical Steps to managing your money wisely

Here are few steps you should take in this journey;


Many people ignore the aspect of budgeting. Simply put, budgeting means plan how you will spend before you spend. Let me guess, you are thinking, “this is tough” right. Yeah, being broke is tougher. Budgeting helps to present your financial situation clearly and transparently. It helps you know that you can’t afford a sports car for now but you can afford a carrot (humour intended). By budgeting, you will be able to decide where to channel your money and how much of it should be channelled.

Understand Your Expenses

Most people hardly keep track of their average monthly expenses. Hence, they can hardly tell or identify money leakages (i.e. how you lose money). Keep track of all your expenditures. Note down all your purchases – variable and fixed. This will help you separate important expenses from unnecessary ones, hence, you can identify ways to reduce your expenses and thereby, save more money.

Deal With Recurrent/Unnecessary Expenses

This is quite simple; it is only a matter of thinking deeply. Look for excesses in your expenses, and cut them off. Remember, don’t spend more than you earn. Block leakages in your pocket by cutting off unnecessary expenses.

Manage Your Debts

Pay off your debts instead of gaining more. Get them under control and get rid of them. Remember that the longer you postpone paying them off, the higher they become as interest accumulates.

Increase Your Income

I’d bet that you have money problems also because you are not making enough income. This means you need to increase your income flow. Get an extra part-time job, or start a side business. Invest in profitable portfolios. Learn high-income skills that would bring in sustainable stipends on the side.

A career person? Improve your employability skills. That way, you can get promotions or secure a higher paying job.

The more money you make, the lesser your money problems.