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Given the state of how fast the internet is taking the pace with various technological advancement and innovations in the 21st century, the need to acquire skills and utilise online mediums for various activities is profitable. Amongst several benefits that the internet provides, genuinely making money online without any form of deceit is actually trending. There are various ways/means of making money online which are as follows;


Blogging is actually one of the most easiest and less expensive way of making money online. It just requires having contents to deliver, ranging from dance, fashion, lifestyle, food, art, entertainment etc. This brings me to my first knowledge about the word “blogging” and all it entails.

 It all started when I watched an interview about a young lady. She loved cooking and actually travelled out of Nigeria to further her studies (Master’s degree). While she was waiting for a response from the institution in which she applied, a friend suggested blogging to her. Though she reluctantly started out of boredom by posting recipes of meals she prepares, skincare routine, relationship ideas etc. That was how she started making money online from the comfort of her home. Although blogging takes a long time to build a good following which might take months or even years. Therefore it requires patience and consistency. But eventually, it is one of the best ways of making money online.

By being a YouTuber

YouTube can be considered as one of the fastest-growing online platforms. Because it allows people to make money online with little or no investment. The good thing about becoming a YouTuber is that you can create almost any kind of video. Videos such as kitchen recipes, how-to-do tutorials, skincare videos, prank videos, Do it yourself (DIY) videos etc. Also, it can be anything you may think one can find useful and helpful as long as you’re creative and innovative. The key thing is to keep creating interesting contents/videos.

Online course/training

An Online digital course simply entails the act of impacting knowledge/training on a particular field or scope. Through webinars, PDF files/e-books, self-produced video on courses in strategic ways. This is done to coach people on basic areas on any course/skill of their choice. Courses such as photography, make up artistry, fashion designs. And also to learn more about various disciplines such as psychology, digital marketing and so on. But the money-making aspect is that the courses or training comes with a particular amount. This is advantageous because people are spending more time and money than ever on flexible learning opportunities.

E-Commerce business

This medium of making money is fast rising in a society like ours. This is because, not everyone can afford to pay rent for shops, outlets or place of sales. Hence, online trading comes in handy with no cost of rent or whatsoever. Various individuals such as celebrities, students as well as unemployed undergraduates have utilized this means via social media. Recently, strategies like drop shipping have emerged for entrepreneurs who do not want to deal with inventory management, product storage/shipping products.

Launch an Affiliate Website

Launching an affiliate website actually entails promoting or recommending products and services from other companies. It is preferably best when you genuinely believe in them. This will help to grow your reputation and establish trust among your site visitors.  Affiliate sites are simply online magazines or websites that include reviews and references to specific items. You link out to these items using a special URL that tracks a customer’s purchase. Whenever someone buys something that you’re promoting, you earn commissions.


Many celebrities/individuals who have a reasonable amount of followers on various social media platforms are making money from advertising/marketing a product. Some actually make more money when they get endorsed to market or advertise a product. They simply get paid by small scale businesses and/or renowned firms to advertise and market their products.

Also, there are plenty of websites that use advertising banners and promotions from other companies to monetize their contents.  However, if you can show advertisements in a natural way, then you can drive customers to a partner company. And reap monetary rewards. In other words, monetizing your site, page/account through advertising is a good option if you receive a large traffic volume.

Freelance Writing

This is also another effective way to make money online from home free. By becoming a freelance writer, you earn money by writing different types of content for clients, companies, or blog owners. All that is required is just to have a passion for writing. The good thing about freelancing is that you don’t have to pay for courses to start a freelance writing job. In fact, there are numerous articles online that can equip/sharpen you with skills to become a freelance writer.

Networking marketing fray

Network marketing has its cons and pros given the alarming rate of increasing online frauds. This makes network marketing appear non-genuine.  Examples of genuine companies include Longrich, Greenlife etc. These companies have been existing for years and have stayed true to their promises.  Network marketers earn up about six to eight figures weekly, monthly and annually as the case may be.

Finally, the truth of the matter is that whatever method you choose to make cash online, stick to it. You can’t jump from opportunity to opportunity and expect to get anywhere. It doesn’t quite work that way. Dip your foot into the water and eventually, over time, go all in.

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