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Make Money Faster

Having more than enough money to spend is a lifelong dream. Everyone wants to MAKE MONEY, and make it FAST! We do not just need money at a steady pace, we need it fast! We use money everyday, and for many things, which is why people work so hard for it.

Unfortunately, for many, they work more than they earn. For some, the money isn’t available to use. As a result, many are seeking for means to make money as fast as they need it. Being broke is not fun at all! So I’m going to be sharing seven easy ways to make money faster.

Falling euro coins. Symbol of wealth, accumulation or fall of the market, inflation and so on. Close-up. Falling euro coins. Symbol of wealth, accumulation or fall of the market, inflation and so on. Close-up. Analyzing Stock Photo
Make Money fast

1. Become A Middleman

There is something called “Value Chain” in business. It is a business model that describes the full range of activities involved in creating a product or a service. Business and commerce go beyond bringing produce to the market and selling them. There is more involved. And in-between buying and selling is the middleman. Otherwise called a Third Party Associate (TPA) or in more casual terms, a connector.

There are millions of buyers and sellers of goods and services who are looking to buy or sell everyday. A great way to profit from a global market is to be a connector. You get to benefit from every sale without actually selling or buying anything. 

2. Sell Value

Everyone wants everything easy. And if you are a provider of value, the benefits are limitless because people pay for value. However, one of the ways you could sell value is by having a larger access to the market. Let it be that people have to come to you to get what they want. Value is on high demand anytime of the year which means a seller of value counts money faster than you can imagine. It doesn’t even have to be what you can do, it could be what you can outsource. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is quite underrated which gives people who are into it an advantage. So if you have commendable online presence, then affiliate marketing is practically calling you. Social media is an excellent tool for this. It gives you access to a wide range of people. Influencers make their money from likes, followers and hashtags. Bloggers and website owners make their money from streams and marketing. But the good thing about affiliate marketing is that it is easy. Imagine being paid for posting about a product that you don’t even have to use; great, right? Now affiliate marketing is simply allowing people use your website or your page or your account to market their goods. This works so much better when you already have authority on the internet. The work is pretty much done for you and you get paid for each and every advert. 

4. Commercialize Your Skill

Your skills can bring you money too. It doesn’t make sense to be skilled and to be broke. You don’t acquire a skill or hone a talent just to shelf it. Everybody is good at something and no one is a Jack of ALL trades. Which means there is a consumer that needs your skill. Start earning from what you can do. If you have developed your skill, you can make money faster from it. Start with selling to friends and family, spread to your neighborhood. Soon, if the skill is in demand, you are excellent at it, and you are good at selling, you would have national to international customers. Like I said earlier, people would pay for value. So if you can do something well, commercialize it.

5. Develop A Remote Skill

Having multiple streams of income is the pathway to wealth. Some of us know this and are eager to have a passive income or a side gig but we struggle with time and presence. The good news is that you needn’t be worried – you don’t have to be present anymore. If for example, you work 8-5 at an insurance company. There is really no time to be somewhere else. Which is why you need to develop a remote skill. Something you can do without your active presence in a restricted environment. Working online is a great way to do this. But the benefits are not just centered on saving time and energy. You have easy and faster access to international clients. Lots of people have great skills but they can’t sell them remotely. A remote skill brings fast money and it is pretty much stress free.

6. Diversify

In finances, make sure you spread your tentacles. Do not be limited to one thing. Diversify. Be it in investing or in selling, be sure to have more than one source. For instance, committing to the stock market alone is a huge risk. If you do not understand the market well, you can suffer massive losses. However, say you are invested in the stock market and crypto currency or maybe freelancing, a loss in the stock market would not leave you stranded.

7. Sell Consumable Products

Whether it is a product or a service you are selling, make sure it is consumable – things that people need. You could be a seller of something uncommon but needed. For every product, there is a buyer. The food market is one of the best markets to apply this trick. Everybody eats everyday. The local booker makes thousands everyday. The hair stylist has jobs everyday. The fuel station sells gas everyday. My point is whatever you sell, let it be consumable and you would make more way faster than you can imagine.

You need Technology

In all this, one thing is very much needed and that is technology. So if you do not know how to leverage on technology, you would not be able to do any of these.

In conclusion, making easy and fast money is not fast and easy. That is, it requires hard work, smart work, diligence and patience. It takes time. But, it is possible. With this in mind, get up and go make some fast money!

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