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We all think about MONEY. Everyone wants to make more money. Only hypocrites (and poor people) say that they don’t.

Unfortunately, thinking/wishing/wanting to have more money does not automatically bring in more money. Hence, many are always broke! The money is always too small, too little… cannot make ends meet… WHY?!

I highlighted FIVE(5) SURPRISING reasons WHY you are not making enough money.

Not having a strong WHY

Everyone wants to be RICH. Most aren’t sure of the ‘WHY’. For others who have a personal reason(s) for wanting more money, the reason(s) is/are not strong enough to motivate them to take necessary actions towards their money.

Making money for the sake of just making it isn’t good enough. Have a SUPER-STRONG reason/motive of why you want to be rich. And let it be your engine to succeed financially.

Note; your WHY does not have to be “good” or “bad”. The idea is, ‘is it strong enough to PUSH you to financial freedom?’

If it isn’t, you need to think deeper and come up with another and Bigger/Stronger WHY. Whatever appeals to you most. It can be love, hate, revenge, anger, or compassion… etc. It can be either emotional or logical (or both) reasons. For more understanding about this, read this article.


It is normal for people who aren’t making enough money to doubt themselves. They blame their lack of expertise and/ or certain circumstances that prevent them from making money. Blaming in this regard results in you staying in the pit of despair for a longer period of time.

Doubting yourself will hinder your progress and keep you in that pit longer. The only way to get out of that pit is by climbing out of it and doing something.

In other words, always believe in your hustle. One day e go pay, if e no pay, try anoda one. Just ask The Dark Knight.

Not putting in the right work

Whether willingly/unwillingly, consciously/unconsciously, the people who don’t make enough money often are not putting in enough productive work!

We are good at being busy (always), but productive work is a different story. Most people like to believe that all work is effective and productive. No, NOT TRUE!

Certain kinds of work are just being busy with little or no productivity. Don’t just be busy doing something/anything. Be Productive with your time, effort and resources.

This implies that you should learn to put/divert your energy and time into what will MAKE YOU MORE MONEY!

Tolerance for low pay

Salary earners and entrepreneurs are on this table (smiles). In Nigeria, labour pay is often very low and unsatisfying, compared to other countries. Pathetically, many Nigerians settle for this meagre pay. Why? Oh well, for most, there is no other option (or cannot see a way upward). For others, they are not ready to take a leap forward to position themselves to be able to re-negotiate their pay or, better still, secure a higher paying job.

Tolerance for low pay also applies to entrepreneurs (especially SMEs). Many offer quality services for ridiculously cheap fees. A strategy which they thought would attract more customers. Yeah, this is true, but not in all cases. Offer quality products and services, and charge appropriately. Use other strategies to retain customers, and secure new ones.

You’re being lazy

This may sound harsh, but I believe that laziness is one of the most common problems with people who complain they don’t have enough money. Now, before you start throwing shades at me, I’m not referring to the hard-working Nigerians in unfortunate circumstances who can barely make ends meet. Those folks know how real the struggle is, and they’re constantly working to correct the situation in most cases. Instead, I’m referring to perfectly middle and lower-middle-class folks. Folks who have just enough money to cover their expenses. And more time than they know what to do with, which, coincidentally, is anything but work harder. 

  Unarguably, we always think about money. If we could earn 100naira every time we thought of money, some of us would be millionaires just for that. We want money, but in order to get what we are looking for, our thinking pattern must change. We must get out there and work hard, work wisely and work purposefully.

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