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What is Social Media?

I won’t bore you with complex definitions. So, don’t worry. At least, you’re here to know how social media can make you rich, not some “booky” definitions.

Social media is, simply put, a suite of online services that facilitates two-way
communication and content sharing – beyond national and international borders.

To simplify it further, social media allows you, me, everyone, and anyone to connect, create and share contents (gists, tweets, posts, videos, pictures etc) with and for one another, online, i.e. without physical interactions.  

Examples of social media platforms: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, …. okay, you know them already. 

Social Media: A King in the Jungle

Just as you may also know, social media is one of the most powerful tools used by businesses and industries for brand recognition and revenue growth. The power of social media is in the “social”, as much as it is enabled by technology. There seems to be no limit to what can be done and achieved with social media.

This brings me to why you’re reading this article in the first place…

Social Media CAN make you RICH!


The purpose of this article is to tell you and SHOW you how…


So I’m not here to bore you with definitions or facts you already know. One of which is; there are more than 3.81 billion social media users worldwide, and it’s getting crazily bigger, daily! 

“How does this FACT apply to me”?


YOUR Money is with PEOPLE. 


You can become the next millionaire using social media. All you need to do is SERVE people with/through/on/by social media

If you have a simple gadget that can access Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc… then you should not be BROKE! Yes, you can BE RICH…. with just that!

And I will show you how!


  1. The Jeff Bezos Way

Jeff Bezos became the world’s richest man using an old multi-billion dollar trick – AFFILIATE MARKETING. Yes, Amazon is an affiliate marketer. Affiliate Marketing simply means selling other people’s products. The supermarket down your street is an affiliate marketer, provided, it doesn’t manufacture the items it sells.

So also, is Jumia, Shoprite and even YOU – anytime you sell other people’s products.  

So Jeff Bezos built his MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR income stream using the POWER of AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Who says you can’t do the same? If not billions, at least millions… that sounds good, right? (who says you can’t make billions anyway). Yeah, I think so. Imagine what an extra (steady) 1 million weekly will do in your life. Just Imagine. Imagine the possibilities!

The good thing is that social media makes that SUPER FREAKING EASY and MORE ACHIEVABLE FOR YOU! 

You only need to LEARN HOW to USE Social Media to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

And the easiest and fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing via social media is by selling digital products; books, training, courses, etc.

There are thousands of successful digital products that you could sell online and start making up to N500,000 to 1 million and even more within a week, depending on how serious and hungry you are.

Steps to take:

  1. Find a reputable and successful affiliate platform (there are lots of shit out there). We personally recommend just 2; Amazon Affiliate Program and LearnoFlix Affiliate Program. For a beginner, it’s best you start with the latter. Amazon’s affiliate program requires lots of expertise that takes time to build. LearnoFlix has made many youths millionaires within 6 months to a year. You could start your Affiliate Journey HERE.
  2. Register as an affiliate: Most will require that you pay a registration fee before you get access, as their affiliate. Which shouldn’t be difficult for you anyway, cos it’s mostly very affordable. However, Amazon is free, but as I said earlier, it requires a kind of expertise that you may not have right now and would cost you more money and time to develop. Moreso, amazon’s commissions are low (10-15%) compared to other platforms which pay up to 40-50% and even more.  
  3. Go through the training: the best affiliate platforms also train you and mentor you till you succeed. This includes training on how to properly market the products and close sales. All you need to do is to “copy and paste” their blueprint. That’s all.
  4. Start selling the products
  5. Start making lots of cash

 If you feel like Affiliate Marketing is good stuff for you. CLICK HERE, for a FREE Training on how to get started.

  1. The Mark-Dorsey Way

Mark Zuckerberg after successfully creating the Facebook web app initiated a trend of special kind of global socialization tech, which ushered in a series of social media innovations from Twitter to Snapchat to Tik Tok.

2 years after Facebook launch, Jack Dorsey and co. launched Twitter,  with a crazily different set of tweaks. which performed superbly great.

Both Facebook and Twitter were adopted globally, by almost everyone. The power and inevitability of these platforms soon became glaring for big and medium-sized corporations. They could see a new, unlimited and more effective way to reach and interact with their customers and prospective customers. A more controllable and predictable way to attain higher revenue growth and increased brand awareness, and good PR.

Hence, the need to have a strong social media presence.

Unfortunately, most of these old school managers, directors and CEOs, have no idea how to use this new tech, to promote their brands. So they need to find new and young blood who could fathom the science behind the social algorithms and wield its power.

This newly created social VACUUM created the advent of what we now call “social media administrators/managers” or as we know for political/public organizations, “social media handlers”.

These are mostly independent contractors (individuals or agencies) who handle an organization’s social media profile pages. Basically, they create and post regular contents, increase followers, or fans base, handle customer’s complaints and more.

Interestingly, for most, it is a work from home job, which pays as high as N150,000 – N500, 000 per month depending on the company and your expertise.

Otherwise, for a beginner, you could start growing your income from N20,000 per month and then grow it up gradually as you build expertise and experience. This is where it gets more interesting. Imagine you manage just 5 companies, who pay you N200,000 monthly each; that’s a million naira per month! 

Another cool thing is, it has no limit. You can have international clients, provided you can do the job WELL.

  1. The Million Naira WhatsApp Mystery

WhatsApp is probably the first thing you set up immediately after you got a new smartphone. Why? It helps you communicate with friends and family and it provides a means of keeping tabs on your loved ones. It’s that important to you. If only you know how MORE IMPORTANTER it could be.

WhatsApp is the fastest growing social media networking application in the world with a user base of over 1.3 billion. 

Unfortunately, many are yet to tap into the MILLION NAIRA WHATSAPP MYSTERY!

You could make MILLIONS (yes, MILLIONS) via your common-green-chatbox Whatsapp!

This is for two categories of people.

  1. An entrepreneur; you already sell products or services.
  2. Budding Entrepreneur: You don’t have any product or service to sell, YET.

For the first category of people. Whatsapp is one of the key ways to CLOSE Sales. You would make more sales if you know how to use Whatsapp for that purpose. 

For the second (and also first) category of people, imagine you have 1000 contacts and you could find a way to make each of those contacts to contribute (buy something) $1 dollar to you every day, that’s $1000 ( ~4 million naira) DAILY. Wow!

Not possible? Think again.

On a worst-case scenario, you could make up to N50,000 weekly with your Whatsapp. Still cool, right?

Okay, you don’t have to believe me. You could watch how to do it yourself here for FREE!

Before you go all Thomas on me. CLICK this LINK first

Come back here to thank me later. 

In Conclusion



Learn Affiliate Marketing.

Become an Expert Social Media Administrator/Manager

Make Millions on Whatsapp.



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