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Poverty is as real as Wealth. Likewise, to die poor is as much a reality as living rich! Many had died poor – good, loving, hospitable, nice, innocent, and godly people! And many more will die poor! On the other hand, many enjoyed a life full of abundance – “good” as well as “bad” people. Regardless of how godly or ungodly you are, you will either die as a RICH Man or POOR Man.


Sadly, the reasons why many died poor are STUPID. Just like the Law of cause and effect says, for every effect/eventuality, there is an underlying cause/reason; there are reasons why anyone would end up a POOR man at death; some of which are VERY STUPID.

“Stupid” because they are OBVIOUS to everyone (maybe not really). That is, you know them. Anyway, let me assume that you don’t, I’d highlighted THREE, and ONE of them will make YOU RICH.

1. Ignorance

Money does not function based on superstition or traditions. Rather it respects principles. Money is like chess – not everyone knows how to play it. You might be curious about the game but your curiosity alone would not make you a champion. You might even know how to play the game but if you do not follow the rules, you would be beaten every time.

The first advantage a rich man has is knowledge. The rich man knows and understands money. He knows the principles to apply when dealing with money, the dos and don’ts. The rich are not ignorant about money. If you are ignorant and you choose to remain so, then you can not escape poverty.

So when you wonder why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, I want you to remember that maybe they know something you don’t. Because they actually do.

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2. Procrastination

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today because if you enjoy it today, you can do it again tomorrow.”

James A. Michener

It is very stupid to procrastinate your wealth. Yet, many do this unconsciously. It is absurd to believe that “money will just come to you”. Spoiler alert! Money will not come if you do not pursue it. It will not come because you wished, or prayed.

You might ask “how is it possible that there is such a thing as procrastination with money?” Good question. Decisions like; “I will work on my idea tomorrow”, “I will quit my annoying 8-5 later”, “I will start my business later”, “I will invest next year”, “I will start learning new money-making skills next 5 years”, and so on.

You are procrastinating your financial freedom. Why not DO IT NOW?! Procrastination is not just a thief of time but of money too. START NOW! It does not have to be perfect, just start.

“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.”

Alexander Graham Bell

3. Failure To Plan

Failure to plan will lead to poverty.


People don’t just wake up one day and, boom! suddenly become millionaires. NO! It is DELIBERATE! Making millions does not happen without PLANNING. Without a plan, you can not be rich. Simple. We often tend to forget how important it is to plan FINANCIALLY.

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How Financial Planning Will Make You Rich

Wealth creation is like getting good grades in school – it doesn’t just happen. From the beginning of the semester, a student who would get good grades would have a plan. Such as; s/he gets a study partner or joins a study group, purchases his textbooks, schedules his time, studies hard etc. At the end of the semester, it’s no surprise if he does get the desired grades. Because he had a plan and followed it.

Financial planning helps you determine your short and long-term financial goals and create a balanced plan to meet those goals.

Every rich man understands that the world is changing. Robert Kiyosaki said “the world is changing and ‘change’ is changing. A thousand years ago you could live to 100 and nothing would change. Today every ten years, everything is changing”.

So if you do not plan for the future, don’t blame anyone for an undesired outcome. If you don’t plan for a rich future, you will never have one. Financial freedom is planned and worked for.

It is up to you to create your own future. To Die Poor or RICH? Your choice.

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