3 Keys To Wealth Creation: You Have One Already

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Everybody wants to get rich quickly, but very few are ready to put in the required hard work and patience.

We all desire the best and nicest things in life, no doubt. However, some in a bid to “make it”, end up getting involved in some murky “get rich quick schemes” which in most cases do not end well.

Creating wealth is not actually difficult as you think, especially if you know the right things to do and you’re ready to pay the price for them.

So, in this short article, I’ve highlighted some simple keys to wealth creation. Believe me when I tell you that these keys have been tested and trusted and a lot of testimonies and lessons have been shared and learnt from them. You too could find them worthwhile.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

1. Calm down!

You didn’t expect this at all right? But that is the first step, CALM DOWN! Don’t be in haste. Exercise patience. People who tend to be in haste end up spoiling things for themselves.

When it comes to making money, you don’t rush. Don’t be greedy. Even though you saw a friend riding a nice car, you shouldn’t be jealous. Do you know what jealousy breeds? Greed! And greed will make you want to do absurd things to make money. The incessant “get rich quick schemes” flying up and down social media today is an example. Moreover, These schemes cannot accrue wealth for you. They often look pleasing to the eye and tempting, in the long run, however, they crash. Furthermore, patience is a virtue, so goes the saying, so calm down. Whoever told you that money-making comes easy lied to you, it takes time but that time is worth the wait.

2. Cut your Spending

That’s right! We all know that to be able to create wealth, one must work for it. I will like to quote a text from the Holy Bible to corroborate this; In 2 Thessalonians 3:10, the scriptures say that the one who is unwilling to work should not eat. So getting a well-paying job is key.  Some of us like to be our own boss though, the idea of getting a job doesn’t appeal to us; we want to rule our own world and not be under the services of anybody. On the other hand, some are still cool with their salaries. Whichever, make sure you enjoy what you do.

In addition to your work giving you a sense of satisfaction, it should generate long-term income for you. Your income could be passive or active.


There’s this attribute that is common to us all and that is the issue of spending; we all spend from our incomes. In addition, the Economists say that “Man is an insatiable being”, meaning he does not get satisfied over time. As humans, we have unlimited wants. Unfortunately, we can go any length to satisfy them.

The mistake many of us make always is trying to match our needs against our budget; we tend to spend too much from the little we earn. This is wrong. Do you want to create wealth? Cut your expenses! Be frugal with your spending. I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend at all or spoil yourself once in a while, but be disciplined when it comes to your budget. Spend less, save more. You may want to adopt a budget plan to track your expenses, say in a month. I do that a lot, it helps me keep tabs on my spending and consciously it has helped me really define my needs from my wants.

3. Invest wisely

This cannot be over-emphasized. Invest! Invest!! Invest!!! As you’re making money, invest wisely. A lot of people think investing one’s money is tantamount to opening a savings account with your bank. That’s wrong. Interestingly, your money will only lose its value in such an account or you could be tempted to spend it on impulse.

Why not talk to a good financial advisor who can help you with an investment plan? Whatever happened to buying shares? There are lots of investment platforms around if you do your research well. You wouldn’t believe the returns your money would yield overtime. Take that risk, my friend, it’s worth it. Don’t go putting your money into Ponzi schemes; it will crash and you’d have yourself to blame.

Invest wisely. Invest appropriately.

In conclusion, the above keys have been proven to work effectively over time when practised. Therefore, let’s get going! Let’s create wealth and become rich.

Hope this made a lot of meaning to you? Let me know in the comments section.

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