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Times and Seasons

Marking seasons is as important as marking time; it will help you know what to do at each stage of life. Seasons are synonymous to phases/stages and knowing the meaning, purpose, use, relevance etc. of every stage would prevent us from taking uninformed, profitless and foolish decisions. The ability to understand your early life’s season is an enhancer of youthful affluence. It gives you the possibility to make wealth in the days of your youth. There are two remarkable seasons in our early life that we must know and exploit for money-making purposes. These seasons are the Imaginative season and the Action-experience season.

The Imaginative Season

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Your imaginative season is your time to imagine, build fantasies, recognise passions and act on them. They are the seasons when you have low experience level as compared to your energy level. In this season, one is expected to build expectations from life, discover their interests in life and start taking baby steps. Unfortunately, many out of ignorance mark this season as a bad phase in life. This is because, usually, this phase can be confusing at first; trying to choose a path, taking baby steps, hoping for the best despite the uncertainties, insecurities, fears, failures… 

However, this is a very important season in the life of everyone who wants to build wealth. In this season, you are quite inexperienced but full of much energy. You have so many people ahead of you whose work if compared to yours is like Goliath (huge and visible) to David (small and insignificant). Well, the good news is that your David can lead the life that Goliath will never dream of and let alone have. And another simple truth is this; the earlier this phase comes to you, the better for you. It gives you the opportunity to make wealth earlier than others. 

The Period of Balance

The Action-Experience season is the period of balance. Many would love to jump to that season without first taking appropriate steps to build; despising the season of imagination. However, that should not be. This season can only come only after the imaginative season. In this season, your energy matches with your experience and you are able to receive as much worth as you can give. The case may be that your energy level dropped while your experience level rose till they met at a point or that your energy kept rising even as your experience rose till they matched. Maybe the case is that your energy level stood still while your experience rode up to it; whatever the case maybe, this level marks the point where you can make millions of naira.

How Not To Miss These Seasons

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Since you now recognise these seasons, what are the ways to prevent you from missing them when they come?

  • Know: ignorance is not an excuse in life. Every man who must create wealth must be richly-informed. A wise man once said; “the difference between a poor man and a rich man is what they know”. You must first know about these seasons. Know what they are about so that when they come around, you will be able to recognise them, utilise and not despise them.
  • Be Sturdy: to be sturdy here means to be firm and strong. Some people miss out on their seasons by the mistake of comparing seasons in their life to that of their friends. Mistakes such as; “if my friend is in her action-experience season, I should be there too” are reasons people miss their seasons. We all enter the different seasons of our life at different times. Age is not even a determinant of our season. Well, mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at age 23 but that age might just be your own imaginative season. Don’t be swayed by the mistake of comparison- you can identify the seasons and grow in them.
  • Prepare:  failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Prepare for these seasons so that when they come, you will be able to utilize them efficiently. If you do not prepare, you will be like a person who waited for rain and when the rain finally came, placed a basket out there in the rain. What the person will end up having is wet ground and not usable water, thus, he will still be in need of water even after the rain.


Wealth doesn’t come by chance; it requires a great deal of planning and foresight. What differentiates you is the ability to see, recognise, mark and utilize seasons appropriately. During your imaginative season, imagine and work; exercise that energy so that when your action-experience season comes, you will be able to make investments that would later yield millions of naira.

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