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Unforgivable sins of money

Money is like a god, who does not forgive those who disobey its rules. Do you want to be rich, very rich? Do not commit any of these money sins! They are unforgivable! If you are doing any of them already, STOP NOW. Because if you don’t stop, you’ll never be rich. Yeah, it is that serious. DON’T DO IT! STOP DOING IT! Money will punish you by running away from you when it smells that you do any of these UNFORGIVABLE SINS.

1. Envy

Money frowns at envy! Aristotle defined envy as pain at the sight of another’s good fortune. Money automatically disappears from your purse when you envy rich people. To envy rich people is to resent wealth, to hate money.

However, there is a GOOD kind of Envy, a.k.a. Desire to also have the good things that others have. This comes with appreciation and joy for the person who has the possession, not anger, resentment or bad wish. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill teaches that you will surely have what you desire, crave for. This applies to money also.

2. Wrong Relationships

Wealth creation is like a building project and every building requires a solid foundation and strong pillars. Relationships are one of the key pillars of wealth creation. Your closest relationship can either make or mar you.

Money dissociates from a certain kind of people. When you associate with the same category of people, automatically, money will dissociate itself from you. It’s that simple.

Network with people who attract and can control money.

Wrong relationship is one of the unforgivable sins of money!

3. Laziness


Holy Bible

Life is based on principles. Money respects principles. You can afford to be lazy with anything but not with money.

Rich men are not lazy. They detest laziness. Money detests laziness too.

Money-Laziness is not only seen in how you work for money, but also in how you think about money and what you know about money.

The reason why many are poor today is because they are too lazy to learn the right information about money. They are tooooo lazy to cultivate the right money mindset.

Money-Laziness is not only seen in how you work for money, but also in how you think about money and what you know about money.

4. Carelessness

Money abhors carelessness. If you are careless with money, money will run away from you. Many are careless in how they handle money; in savings, in investments, in spending, in how they deal/relate/negotiate with people etc.

Carelessness is an unforgivable sin of money. Don’t be careless with money. Money can feel. When you are careless with money, it gets hurt. You don’t want to hurt your money, do you?

Learn the proper ways to handle money.

5. Disrespect

Do not be swayed, money understands respect. Don’t forget, money can feel. If you disrespect money, you won’t attract it. Money is very valuable. Its worth should not be underrated.

You disrespect money when you choose not to value money. Money flows from those who value it less towards those who value it more. Do not disrespect money. Seek to understand its value.

6. Bad Debts

Many people believe that all debts are bad. Robert Kiyosaki teaches otherwise. He says that there are GOOD Debts, and there are also bad debts. Bad debts are debts used to purchase liabilities and what Rich Dad calls Doodads.

If all the debts you’d accumulated are BAD, then Money will fly away from you.

Learn how to use GOOD debts instead. Good debts are for investments. e.g. Dangote borrowed Billions for his refinery.

7. Not Investing

Money is like a seed that must be planted before it can be multiplied. Money must be invested. If not, it won’t grow. It will never increase.

When you don’t invest. Money fades away from you.

The importance of investing can not be overemphasized. There are several investment vehicles that you can leverage on; businesses, stocks, real estate, bonds etc.

8. Indiscipline

Money detests indiscipline. An impulse purchase, spending without a budget, spending before you earn, accumulation of bad debts, not investing, and many more.

When you are indisciplined with money, Money will evaporate from your pocket fast. Solve that problem of indiscipline ASAP, before it becomes too late!

9. Ignorance

Ignorance has no excuse when it comes to Money. Poor people are poor and will remain poor because of ignorance, except they decide to KNOW, to be EDUCATED – FINANCIALLY.

Ignorance does not only mean lack of knowledge but also lack of the right knowledge. A major difference between the rich and the poor is WHAT THEY KNOW ABOUT MONEY. What do you know about money?

A major difference between the rich and the poor is WHAT THEY KNOW ABOUT MONEY. What do you know about money?

10. Ingratitude

Ungrateful people are mostly poor people. Money appreciates gratitude. Grateful people are more likely to appreciate the value of money, hence, attract it.

When you are full of ingratitude, you repel Money!

If you’ve been guilty of any of these unforgivable sins of money, my sermon to you today is to STOP SINNING! (Lol)

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